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A couple of weeks ago Kim Kardashian tweeted this

To all the South African fans who have been keeping up with the Kardashian’s thus far, you will be glad to know that they are headed to SA this December. Now what better way to keep up with them than in your own back yard??? Lol.

Brutal Fruit is launching a new CRANBERRY flavor to add onto their assorted drinks. They wanted to launchthis new flavor in style and what better “stylish” way to launch it than with “style icon” Kim Kardashian herself??? (I mean really now…).  Kim Kardashian will travel all the way to South Africa to campaign for the drink and she will be joined by her sister Khloe Kardashian. The two sisters will land in the country on the 15th December and will attend 3 official events during their stay.

 Kim & Khloe Kardashian

South African TV presenter/radio personality, Bonang Matheba has been selected as the Cheeky ambassador by Brutal Fruit. She will have the pleasure of partying up a storm with the Kardashian’s while also playing MC at all related functions.

Bonang Matheba

But it doesn’t end here, Brutal Fruit will be giving away a brand new A3 Cabriolet at each party (tip: dress cheeky and you may be driving out in style courtesy of Brutal Fruit).

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Launch party at ZAR & Skype chat with the Kardashian sisters- 14 October (A CHEEKY dresser will win a car!)
  • Brutal Fruit Durban event & another car give-away-2 December
  • Arrival of the Kardashian sister’s in South Africa- 15 December

Dinner with the Kardashian sister PLUS 20 influential South African girls (cough-cough), hosted by Brutal fruit 

  • Brutal Fruit JHB Event with the Kardashian sisters & another car give away-16 December
  •  Brutal Fruit Cape Town Event with the Kardashian sisters & another car Give way- 17 December

Unfortunately (for some), the parties are EXCLUSIVE and the only way to get an invite is if you either join the Brutal Fruit Facebook group or if you are a “twitbird”, tag your tweets with #BFCheeky.

I guess we’ll all be cheeky starting this December…

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Are you Brutal Fruit Cheeky?

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  • Ndahafa


  • Allegro D

    *WOW* The BFCheeky launch was awesome…Can't wait for the Kardashian's to touch down in December!!! will keep you posted

  • Donald_N

    I couldn't make the party on the 14th of October and what a huge mistake I made. From what i hear this was the mother of all parties, I really cannot wait for the december one. I hope farai will be giving away tickets to its followers 😉

  • Allegro D

    @Donald_N We'll try our best to hook you guys up with tix…keep following us xoxo

  • Avon P

    I hope I will be able to attend the Cape Town BF party :)As i heard Joburg was awesome!!

  • Rurugq

    heyyy im now on twitter just bcos i would love to go to the BF Cheeky launch plssss let me know how i can fulfill my dream of meeting kim. :-)

  • Athena

    I WANNA MEET THEM SO BAD! Ahhh! LMAO! Huge fan lol! Hope I can get an invite :(

  • Nadav Ossendryver

    hey are they arriving in OR Tambo and what time

  • Bilqeesbb

    excited excited excited 😀 ohmygaaaaaash

  • Stumza1Boitumelo

    I’m so jealous of Bonang meeting the Kardashians OMG!!! I’m such a fan of these girls, I wish it was me….TumiD

  • zee

    where are they going to be??

  • brio

    hey allegro d dont you have an idee when will they be landing i would do anything to meet kim