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AFROTAINMENT TV: Exclusive Interview With NollyWood Hearthrob, RAMSEY NOAUH!!!

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The Samy Priso Show is the first and only African late night comedy show in North America. The show airs on the all new Afrotainment TV channel on the Dish Network nationwide in the PAN-AFRICAN bouquet. In addition to Afrotainment TV (channel 751),  there are 3 other top rated African TV channels in the PAN-AFRICAN bouquet; Afrotainment Music (channel 667), HiTV (channel 650), and the first and only channel (in French) dedicated to broadcast African News 24/7, Africa24 (channel 653).

The Afrotainment TV late night talk show is hosted by comedian, Samy Priso. In the clip below of the Samy Priso Show, Samy and I interviewed Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah at the 2010 Nigerian Reunion in Long Island, New York.

Farai & Ramsey, Long Island, NYC!

I have known Ramsey for a while now and he is mad cool and one of the sweetest Nollywood actors I know! So it was really good to catch up with him at the 2010 Nigerian Reunion where he was receiving the 2010 Nigerian Image Award for Best Actor!

Peep our interview with Ramsey:

Fun times!

Farai & Ramsey

Here’s some info about the Afrotainment TV channel, Samy Priso Show. During this hilarious one hour program, Samy will do a satire of the society, host entertainment personalities, tour the world with a special reporter called “Igwe“. The “Igwe” role is played by Tivo Shikapwashya.





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  • Nollywood

    Ramsey seems really cool and down to earth! Nice interview…