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DJ Lulo Café launches “WHAT ABOUT SOUL” in style!

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Man of the moment, Lulo Cafe

The day finally came for THIS to happen and let’s just say it was done so in style. Soul Candi’s DJ Lulo Café real name Sikhululo Maliwa to launch his latest offering “What about Soul”. The launch took place at Metro restaurant in Benmore Gardens, Sandton. I got very excited about this album launch after hearing “Without you” track number 6 on the album and I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was all about. Doors opened at 10pm and I arrived fashionably late (lol) close to 11pm, but I was just in time to catch the man of the moment do what he does best (get people dancing).

The DJ was on FIRE…lol

Smoking!!! (I need to breathe…)

I bumped into a couple of familiar faces, mostly social bloggers. The fabulous Mika Stefano was there and so was fellow blogger Lelo Boyana accompanied by her JC entourage.

Lelo Boyana, me & Kiki Marli

SABC1’s Live co-presenter Minnie Dlamini also graced the event with her presence looking sizzling in a hot LBD (ladies take tips, lol). Generations actor, artist and producer and close friend to Lulo Café, Sipho Ngwenya aka Psyfo/Ajax was also there (I still can’t get over how he denied me a picture, anyway…).

Minnie Dlamini

The setting was quite sociable and made it easy for everyone to socialize but as time went by it got crowed, which was a good thing for the event but not for moving around, let alone dancing. (Well I speak for those who were not catered for).

Crowd shot!!

Baby on board…she couldn’t miss it for the world!

The crowd was literally on and off the dance floor with every track that played, one particular guy who couldn’t stop dancing was this one…

He sure can dance…

Blame Lulo for this…

Singer RJ Benjamin was the first to go on stage and with the help on Lulo Café on the decks; he performed his old time hit “Change the world”.

With RJ Benjamin

RJ Benjamin on stage

I was almost in awe when new kid on the block Terrence took to the stage to perform my favourite track “without you” on which he offers vocals. For a minute there I couldn’t believe the voice coming out of that tiny body…brother can sing!

YoungStar Terrence…without you

Snapped: With Terrence

Female vocalist Nothende did not disappoint when she performed “I wanna love you” (track number 7). As soon as she took hold of the mic, everyone rushed back to the dance floor, including myself. She gave a very enthusiastic performance.

Vocalist: Nothende

Snapped: With Nothende

On stage…I wanna love you!

Feel it! She is here…

Up next was artist MXO who also offered vocals on the album. He performed “Joy”, track number 12. I’m not one to lie, so I’m gonna be real…he’s performance wasn’t all too well good or was it the song? I’m not sure but after hearing Terrence first, I guess the crowd expected a little more from his side.


I met him and his manager after his performance and I must say he is a cool guy.

With manager Bridgette

Snapped with MXO

Jamali’s Marichan who also offered her vocals on the album did not make it to the launch; I believe she was booked to perform “keep the level low” track number 11. But all was forgiven at the end of the night. I also met a young talented up and coming DJ who goes by the name Mmino (translation for music). He worked with Lulo on track 6.

FIRE!!! *WOW*:Mmino and Lulo Cafe

Someone else I bumped into was Soul Candi’s DJ Terance (who I can officially call my buddy, lol) and he introduced me to an artist who is set to take the industry by storm, JSomething (I’ll wait for that exclusive…).

DJ Terance and JSomething

They make us dance: Soul Candi’s finest!!!

Overall I had a great time, won’t say what time I left but let’s just say it was a very long night. Shout out to all my fellow bloggers/journalists…it was fun dancing up a storm with you guys.

Ladies looked hot, :-)

Snapped: With the Beedz!

And a special shoutout to DJ Lulo Café and Soul Candi, you guys presented a great album which comes in handy as we approach the festive season. All I can say now is “awwwwwuuuuu!!! Woza December” (excuse my twitter tendencies).

Found him!!!! :-)

Thanks for the goodie bag Soul Candi…

What about Soul…go get it!!!


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying so have your say”…


What do you think of DJ Lulo Café’s music?

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  • Nkosini

    Its cool… He might just be the next big thing.

  • Allegro D

    u right about that one Nkosini…SA watch out!

  • Donald_N

    I won't lie, I didn't know about Lulo Cafe until very recently towards the the launch of his album. i decided to follow him on twitter as I know twitter bring ones true colours out. I must say, I am impressed with Lulo Cafe's personality and his calmness. He is one of the artists that will go very far in life and with that kind of attitude, the sky is the limit. His music on the other hand, wow I am totally blown away as I had the chance to listen to his album. I am slowly becoming a huge fan…. Nice article Allegro