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WOW! WOW! & WOW! I have to give credit where it’s due and best believe, SABC 1’s LIVE Reloaded is doing it for me! (I guess that means I’m going be glued to my couch every Friday night from 9-10pm). If you don’t know what I’m talking about just yet, refresh your memory over HERE! Live, South Africa’s biggest music show revealed their new studio’s tonight and I must say they are a huge upgrade from the old studio’s. As suspected, Sizwe Dhlomo is the new Live presenter joining Bonang and Minnie.

DJ Fresh joined Live in studio to spice things up on the decks. We also got to watch an exclusive interview which Sizwe aka “Siz” recorded during the week with PRO, TS Records hip-hop artist. Pro settled the hype around his situation at his record stable (rumours that they had a fall out of some sort)…He is not leaving TS records (co-owned by DJ Sbu), in fact he put it clearly in a few lines he dropped, stating that TS had given him a raise and he is thus not going anywhere. However, he did mention that should he ever leave TS records, it will only be because of growth as an artist and not beef with his bosses.


Speaking of DJ Sbu, he joined Live via Skype tonight from New York. He flew to L.A last week for the MTV VMAs. He talked about his VMA experience and the Eminem and Jay-Z concert which he also attended (apparently it was “explosive”, lol). Sbu also mentioned that he will be hosting his party in DC, so to all the peeps in DC go and show Sbu some love, lol.

Twitpic: Around the Historical Washington Monument on his way to the White House

Now moving away from Pro, Live kept playing exclusive video’s after exclusive (I nearly turned my lounge into a dance floor, lol). All I’m saying right now is AYEYE December AYEYE! FACT: Durban music rocks #enuffsaid.

Bonang and Sizwe make a great combination and although one could sense a bit of nervousness coming from Sizwe in the beginning of the show BUT he’s forgiven in my books. Besides who wouldn’t be??? As the show progressed and reached the 30 minute mark, he was already feeling at home, showing off his dance moves (lol).

The new Live studios

There’s just something about the new studio’s that makes you want to watch Live. Never mind the presenters…the music is as my BFF would say “off the hook!”


I know some of the pics are fuzzy, but i hope you get a slight view of what was happening…SORRY xoxo

From your girl Allergo Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”,so have your say…


What do you think of LIVE RELOADED?

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  • 201001465

    I really like Sizwe but must he be everywhere? We see and hear him everywhere…hai this can't be gud for other peeps in the industry. He needs to chill now

  • Allegro D

    I hear you hun, but if a brother is multi-talented who can he blame??? Just lyk u, I lyk Sizwe and I think they make a great combo…

  • Zol

    Haibo nkos yami ave seyimnandi i LIVE into engicasulayo ilabantu abaloke bekhononda ngesiZulu sa Sizwe