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LEGIT: Trying on Sade Giliberti’s clothes!!!

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Our very own Riri, lol

As promised HERE, I finally found some time to go to the nearest Legit store to try out Sade Giliberti’s new range “Adventure of a legit girl”.

The Legit store

(Well I had a friend of mine try on her favourite clothes from the range and let me just say I have never seen a girl so happy. We tried on a couple of outfits, some worked for me and some didn’t (hence I didn’t take any pics of myself but Tumi was more than happy to wear the denim dress (her favourite from the range).

The denim dress on a curvier body

What I liked more than anything about Sade’s range was the fact that it caters for all body types. Just because she is very lean doesn’t mean the clothes won’t work for your body type. Tumi as you can see below is curvaceous and gifted in the bust but the dress as she said “fits so perfectly”.

The denim dress on a lean body

I’m more of a shoe lover and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the heels. I don’t wear flats often but the gladiator sandals worked for me.

These are very comfortable, trust me…

I’m sure this looks so much better when it’s worn

I loved the mini blue spring dress (that Tumi refused to wear for me) and the shorts (which come in very handy this season). Well there you have it! If you haven’t checked out the range yet, be sure to do yourself a favour and check it out.


 Adventurous Sade

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Are you loving Sade’s adventurous range from Legit?

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  • 201001465

    Hey Allegro, I got the top and yes it does look better on. Thanx for the great article

  • Rignul

    Yes i love the range its hot,hot although i cannot wear any of it.coz i’m a guy,I’m only commenting coz i’m a fashion designer.FROM REGINALD AT TUT ARTS CAMPUS.PTA

  • dibuseng

    i love the denim dress, i think it looks fabulous!!!