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Connie Ferguson

Generations leading Lady Karabo Moroka played by Connie Ferguson, made her grand exit from the South Africa soapie after 16 years of service. She officially left Generations in August and her character will be off-screen in October.

Now, after I had come to terms with Connie’s exit from Generations (As I was a huge fan of both Karabo and Connie). Rumours surfaced that the main reason she left Generations was because her real life husband Shona Ferguson had impregnated her colleague, actress Kagiso Rakosa who plays Sharon on generations and that the couple were divorcing. Sharon is currently pregnant on the soap and I guess someone thought she was also pregnant in reality (which isn’t so).

Kagiso Rakosa

Anyway, I first heard this rumour from a friend who said she had read it on Twitter. I was shocked and denied it on their behalf. My first words were “No ways! Shona would never do that!” I follow both Shona (@Shona_Ferguson) and Connie (@Connie_Ferguson) on Twitter and I knew it wasn’t true because as far as I could tell they seemed happy on Twitter, tweeting and re-tweeting to each other. Now I don’t know about you but if my husband got someone else pregnant, and to make it worse a colleague, I wouldn’t be in speaking terms with them (Just saying…).    

Shona Ferguson

Yesterday Shona released a statement on his official website to clarify things once and for all.

Dear All

 An e-mail has been circulating with claims that my wife and I are devorcing because I made a colleague of hers pregnant. We heard about this a while back and laughed it off and chose to ignore it. For whatever reason this is not going away, so we have decided to set the record straight.

I, Shona Ferguson, do not know Kagiso Rakosa (Sharon on Generations) personally. She worked with my wife Connie and that’s as far as I know her.

Sharon the character on Generations is pregnant with Samuel’s child, but Kagiso the actress is not pregnant in real life. I believe she sent out a statement confirming this.

Incidentally I spoke to her for the first time at Connie’s farewell party at Generations on Friday the 3rd of September. My first words were “hey kid, I hear you are pregnant with my child”. We all saw it for the silly joke that it is and burst out laughing.

So to answer the burning question, no my wife and I are not devorcing. In fact, we have never been happier. We pray and hope that Kagiso stays strong through this. As we all know, in this business sometimes the cookie doesn’t always crumble the way we want it to.

On the up side, Scandal and Generations ratings are shooting up because of this. I guess we should consider invoicing the production houses for our roles in “THIS SOAPIE”!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


                                                                                                      Picture from JUCY

So there you have it! They are NOT divorcing! Shona did NOT impregnate Kagiso and Kagiso is ONLY pregnant in the soapie!

I hope everyone can move on from here just as the couple have and stop spreading malicious rumours about happy couples…(Word of advice: GO GET YOUR OWN #enuffsaid).

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Did you believe this rumour?

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  • Ruby Maruu

    time will tell

  • Phindus

    time will tell

  • farie

    those guys make a sweet couple but why would people jes start spreading rumours..there is a story behind the story

  • Cindy

    are you the producer of generations ?

  • Cindy

    how far are you in that fire

  • Cindy

    even if it was thruth im just wondering if how far are you with your own business in other words im saying mind your own bussiness .

  • Cindy

    you don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday.
    you develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging so in other words be strong leave all the rumous behind and look forward beacause you got children to look after and bussiness to run .keep well.

  • Alice

    i like them so much they are my favoutite actors,they belong to each other and love each other very much,thanks for the understanding all the best for your lovely you

  • Truthmkize

    no ways maybe they are hiding something but its good for their sake to protect their personality

  • Pusi

    I knew this cant be true,people are just jealous.I will just say keep strong guys just move on you make a good couple.

  • 201104405

    I neva believed this rumour,pple cnt get their facts strate 1st.m glad the real truth came out!

  • Kamolepulana@YAHOO.COM

    oh noh lyk hell doz coupls hv bn 2geda so4 so many years n y cnt u jst focus on u love lyf n liv ada ppls bizns.4rm onkabetse

  • Nox Nkabinde

    nonsense wena!

  • Nox

    GIGI. u hav stress. udinga umuntu ongakuthanda ukuze kuphume leso stress.

  • 211526962

    this is absolutely rubbish they just trying to tear ur family apart mr bt i bet connie knows u beta

  • 201108569


  • Lorraine Mashego2

    I NEW IT WASN’T TRUE,I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ntombo NCape

    hi guys would’nt it be nice if we can mind our own businesses just for once, just one time and we will see how connie and shona is doing, i personally love tht couple, and to those who say ”where there is smoke there is fire” kungenzeka uyasha wena kuqala lapho uhlezi khona just look around you and you’ll see smoke. yazi niyasihlaza africans we never lyk amabhulu wholyks to gossip but now eishh nindahlule shame serrriousssssss.

  • Aronbetty Aron

    thank you shona and connie ,you should stay stable as youare now. that ,s betty from namibia

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  • Ssilvialerotholi

    ish people are so  J in this world get a crip and move on

  • Ssilvia

    your so not geting a tip, stop being J you people

  • Mapuledolo

    dats what i hate about soapies anyway god be with that family

  • Bonisiwe Khoza

    people must stop ruining other people’s lives.  thank god the couple is still happy and married. 

  • Moud

    no no no

  • Ntokozot Thungo5

    Hey frendz ppl do create some silly rumours just to spoil a good thing, as we all know some ppl were born-liars so thank you somuch Shona for clarifying this fiasco. I am inspired by this couple Shona en Connie keep da good works I am looking up on you guys. from NTOKOZO ZULUDUDE THUNGO

  • Ntokozot Thungo5

    I’ve seen some divorces which emanated from silly rumours by silly ppl. I urge all liars to stop messing up other ppl’s lives with their filthy borring lies its not good at all. From Ntokozo Tkay Thungo again.

  • Elizabeth Naledi1

    i like this connie and shona ur the bst couple ever and may my almighty lord bless and may he kip ur family strong at all tyms

  • Lerato Makgai

    neh diz are da best and happy couple ever shona has beautiful childreen and woud not do that.his a real man and ousi connie is lucky to have him as a man she mstn impree thiz pimbles and get angry with her man.

  • Guest

    i bet it wuz true u idiot

  • Amanda Singh (Johnson)

    why is generations using a an all black cast ? And the whites coloureds andget to play extra and look DUMB .

    We all watch generations so please start diversing your actors.

    Amanda (a friend of Sophie who also played as an EXTRA

  • Linda

    I knew that the rumours arent true  Connie and Shona are cool together

  • Sphiwe

    THE IS A LOT we wont understand about celebraties. Who knows maybe these rumours are true or someone is just trying to mess their lives and mess with our heads.  So it’s really hard for me to believe this  whether its true or not .