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“Live Your Life With No Regrets” – M-Net Africa Managing Director BIOLA ALABI

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Biola in Tiffany Amber (Electo Chic – Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

This from the lovely folks at Bella Naija! The August 2010 issue for uber fab magazine GENEVIEVE features M-Net Africa Managing Director, Biola Alabi on the cover. Biola is one of the most accomplished and powerful women in African media as she sits atop the multinational cable/satellite content company – Dstv M-Net.

Here is an excerpt of the interview & profile:

Abiola Alabi, Managing Director M-Net Africa is an exemplar of the young, smart and successful woman other women are yearning to be. She even packs more punch with her naturally appealing mien. Coming from a background of extensive research and experience garnered from working in some top-of-the-grade corporations in the US and Asia, ‘Biola never loses focus of that one principle that has shaped her life. Her words, “My life philosophy is live your life with no regrets, and make sure you always learn something from every experience.” With the confidence and self-assurance of a university professor, she intermittently lightens the atmosphere with her signature smiles.

From a distance, sitting atop a giant media octopus like M-Net Africa might instantly trigger a mental image of a flustered corporate manager with tight schedules and endless paperwork; not so when the boss providing the leadership and strategic direction for the company fits into her role so naturally because it’s in sync with her passion and experience.

The interview is pure inspiration & motivation for young people who are building their careers. Make sure you pick up your August copy of GENEVIEVE Magazine for more on Biola & other stories in Nigeria!

Are We Loving Biola Or What?!?!


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Source: Bella Naija

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    i just  love hr n she is a big inspiration to me….THUMBS UP ALABI