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I previously did a post about Young Money’s youngest rapper Tyga’s appearance in South Africa. If you missed it click HERE! Tyga landed in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday (26 August). He made a brief appearance on South Africa’s number 1 music show Live on Friday before hitting Club Premium in Rivonia, Johannesburg. Before I left for Club Premium I caught a glimpse of his appearance on Live. I must say he was nothing out of the ordinary but he had this “thing” about him that made you want to stop and pay attention to him.


On Live

On the Live stage

Speaking during an interview on Live he said: “I’m glad to be in South Africa. I’m the first artist from Young Money to be here so I’m excited about that. I’m here to perform at Club Premium, I’m not too sure what to expect but we’ll see how it goes” and when asked about his relationship with the rest of the Young Money Fam he had this to say: “Uhm, it’s very great you know what I’m saying…and especially right now while Wayne is gone, everybody is sticking together and everybody is working hard waiting for him to come back. And when he comes back it’s gonna be a wrap! If ya’ll think we taking over now, we really gonna take over when he comes back!” (Well I guess he told YOU didn’t he? Lol).



I got to Club Premium and I must tell you girls where looking fab! Everyone was there to see Tyga. He was worth all the hype, he didn’t disappoint. He performed a couple of tracks with a live band and local supporting artists/DJ’s.


On stage at Club Premium

Ladies couldn’t get enough!

(Really nice, I hope they inspired Tyga to add a lil’ South African house feel in his next project). And to those who were wondering if Chris Brown would tag along, sadly (or rather not really that sad) he didn’t pitch with Tyga as everyone had speculated. (After all, this was an appearance to promote Tyga and Young Money. If Chris came along he would have stolen the lime light, just saying!). And besides Chris has been to the country before).

I was scheduled to interview Tyga EXCLUSIVELY but sadly that didn’t happen as he had to quickly leave Johannesburg for Cape Town (you should see my face right now…). But I’m over it; he’s performance at Club Premium made it all up.

So to all the “Capetonians” do not despair, Tyga will be performing at Club 91 tonight (28th August) so you can catch him there before he leaves South Africa.

Thank you Tyga for coming to South Africa, hope we gave as good as we got. Next time when you return, please come with the whole Young Money Fam (including) Nicki and Drake…(they’ve got a lot of explaining to do! Lol).



Pictures courtesy of: @Mmaba2M & @MZANSI_D_SCOOP

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying, so have your say”…


Johannesburg, what did you think of Tyga’s appearance? And to all the “Capetonians”, will you be catching Tyga tonight at Club 91?

I’m a passionate writer, who enjoys writing and informing people as well as learning new things. I love sports, the arts and music. I am a sports presenter of UJfm 95.4 as well as other things. Simply put, I am a dynamic young lady who wants to bring about chnage and have an impact in both the media industry and in people’s lives.

Allegro – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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  • Senzontsoko

    oh my word, this tyga guy looks too ordinary. i thought he was LIVE's floor manager or something

  • Mpumelelo

    tyga does dope

  • Washington

    ja he rocks