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Metro FM is where DJ Sbu is at!

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Okay, I don’t really have much to say on this because DJ Sbu (Sibusiso Leope) refused to answer my questions with regards to his move from YFM to Metro FM. He is known to be a navigator around radio stations. He started things of on community radio moved to YFM, left YFM for Ukhozi FM, left Ukhozi FM and went back to YFM only to leave again to join Metro FM.


Now, I respect DJ Sbu as a mover and shaker in the media industry and as “a part-time comedian” (lol, I swear he is the funniest guy I follow on Twitter), and as you may already assume I was disappointed at his “non-response” approach to my request for an interview (5 questions to be exact, or less). Well I was actually doing it to give him a chance to say what he had to say (if anything) to the haters who believe he is “overused brand” that needs “to give other people a chance”. I saw such comments and more disturbing ones on Twitter after everyone heard his first show on Metro FM a few weeks ago. (This made me realise that most South African “celebrities” do not respect or understand the way the media works. They want us when they need us to sell themselves to the public and ignore us when they have had enough! But this will be a topic for another day).


I believe he does the 3-6pm weekend slot, so far so good for him. His followers will always follow him wherever he goes. I won’t lie and say I listened to his shows on his previous shows at the multiple radio stations but the little that I did hear did made me laugh. He made radio fun, it was a playground to come and do as you wish (taking some rules into consideration though) and I hope he still does the same.


Metro M are quite happy to have him judging by this statement made by the station manager, Matona Sakupwanya: “We are absolutely delighted to announce that DJ Sbu has joined our team. He is among the best radio talent the country has to offer and he will definitely add something unique to the station”.


I wish him a prosperous career at Metro FM a radio where some of the best local DJ’s “do their thang” (including our boy Tbo Touch).


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying, so have your say”…


Are you listening to DJ Sbu’s latest slot on Metro FM? And what do you make of it?

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  • Motshoane

    i have been following since i heard that Dj Sbu doing 3 to 6 pm slot, but i think he has been over-used, thats my opinion, anyway so far so good for him, let’s hope he will last longer in Metro than any other stations, but is he coming to metro for the first time or second time.