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Happy “soon-to-be” parents

A few months ago, rumours got around that R&B songbird and hit-maker Mariah Carey was pregnant with her first child with husband Nick cannon. This acme after she was apparently seen looking visibly “rounder” and “larger” around the waist. Those rumours were soon crushed by their representatives who claimed they “didn’t want to involve themselves in the couple’s private life”. However, it has been confirmed without denial this time that the happy couple are expecting. A source close to the couple (as they always are…) revealed that the couple who recently renewed their vows in May in celebration of their second anniversary are indeed expecting and are extremely happy about the news.


I for one am happy for the couple and I hope everyone else will be. It has been long overdue for the 40 year old singer and her 29 year old husband (just putting it out there). Anyway, I know that at a time like this the couple would appreciate their privacy but then again being Mr and Mrs Cannon means you get more invaders, invading your life.

Mariah Carey joins fellow American singer Alicia “Beatz” Keys in pregnancy. Let me see who could be next? Any ideas? (Yep I got one…Beyonce). I’m not saying she’s pregnant, I’m saying she should bless us with a lil’ star before the busy bug bites her again, lol.


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying, so have your say”…


Who do you think is next in line to fall preggies?  

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  • Breunacollins2013

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  • Ionne2cute4u

    cAnT bELiEVE iT..ShE rEAALLi iS fiNALLY pREGNANT..aNd i rEALLi dNt thiNk iT'x aNYbODi eLx bUZiNESS tA WORRiE bOUt iF sHE haViN a bAbi Or nT yALL nEEd ta lEAvE dEx CElEBrETiEx aLONE..dANq giVE eM sOME sPACE…..

    SiGN: mRS. LkH…!!!!!!

  • Breunacollins2013

    WaTeVa HHHHHHHHHoooooooooEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!