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I said it before and I will say it again! South Africa is a start attraction location. (not that we are complaining). One of my favourite female artists Brandy Norwood has been confirmed to be headed to South Africa. The American singer will be in the country courtesy of Khalipha Entertainment (the very same company that brought us Brain McKnight a while back).


Brandy is scheduled to perform in the country from the 17th-26th of September.

Her tour dates are as follows:

17 September: ICC Arena in Durban (7PM)

19 September: Dickson Park (noon)

24 September: Coronation Park (noon)

26 September: Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg (7PM)


Unlike some artists (Robin *hint-hint*), Brandy’s show has been CONFIRMED without doubt and there should be no fear of the artist cancelling on us in the last minute (when some of us have splashed out on our hair and outfits!) as the artist “has already been secured”. (I’m glad to hear that…).

Local supporting acts are yet to be announced as the time approaches (and I will obviously keep you at bay with further developments).

I don’t know about you but I will definitely catch Brandy in Johannesburg.

Dear Ms Norwood if you are reading this, I have one request only. Please don’t leave out “Piano Man” from your song selection for your SA tour. I love that song to bit and pieces and it would mean the world to me and others who share my sentiments to hear and see you perform it live. Signed devoted fan… (Don’t judge! A girl can try her luck, lol)


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying, so have your say”…


Will you be catching Brandy in South Africa?

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  • cooleh

    I will definitely be going to see her shows, but is she really still coming. there have been rumours that she will be casted on Dancing with The Stars.

  • Allegro D

    Hey Cooleh, it was confirmed by the peeps from Khalipha Entertainment who are hosting her stay in SA so i believe she is still coming. Just like you, I hope they deliver…will keep you posted

  • Chumisa Mjadu

    where can we get tickets to this show?? where can i buy them?

  • Futhi

    But Brandy's tour was cancelled a while ago, with Babyface as a replacement.

  • Allegro D

    Looks like they won't be a Brandy concert…now I have to dial the organisers numbers for some answers…

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