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JAY SEAN was “DOWN” in Johannesburg, South Africa

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My new Jay Sean hairdo-you like?

As a huge Jay Sean fan, I waited patiently for his concerts in Durban and Cape Town to end, so he can come and shut it down in Johannesburg. As usual I went and got a new hairdo especially for Jay (lol, and new heels).


Crowd shot!

The Emperors Palace in Kempton Park, Johannesburg was packed more than usual, obviously because Jay Sean was in Town. For a second, I felt like an outcast! I was the only Black person there (lol, it was as if I was stuck in a Bollywood modern day movie).

I met some very enthusiastic “die hard” Jay Sean fans who just couldn’t wait to see the man on stage.

Jay Sean fans

The show kicked off at 19:30pm but there were still lots of people outside trying to get in (that’s how popular Jay Sean is in Johannesburg. No disrespect to Durban and Cape Town). The massive crowd was entertained by a group called Indian Affair (how ironic…) from Cape Town. They sort of didn’t do it for the crowd who kept on chanting “Jay Sean! Jay Sean! Jay Sean! And I joined them, lol).

Indian Affair

The next act on stage was better and they went by the name of Fussion (the dancing needs some working on though). We were also entertained by hip-hop dancers who did their part in getting the crowd hyped up for the main event.


Hip-Hop dancers

Just when we thought that was the final act before Jay Sean. Satish from Dolphin Concerts (acted as MC) came out to tell us that there was just one more act. Oh well we couldn’t complain any further. Mario Ogle, a young up and coming R&B artist took to the stage and literally wowed the crowd (now that’s what I call “an opening act”). Everyone adored him and he can really, like really sing. I also bumped into him after the show and what a humble and good looking young man he is.

Mario Ogle

Jay’s Band took to the stage and DJ Beatz killed his “set” before introducing Jay Sean to the crowd.

DJ Beatz

When Jay came out on stage I was like … (yeah speechless and then the screaming took over). He performed all his and my favourite “Down” and “do you remember” (after that performance, I definitely still remember when he said hi to me backstage *blushes*).


Jay Sean (OMG)

His band were amazing, from the bass guitarist to the drums. Jay also performed the latest single from his new album “2012” (amazing stuff I tell you). I absolutely loved the part where he sang in an Indian language or something, it was too cute. And guess what, I didn’t know this before I saw it live but Jay is also a beat boxer (A real one!). He killed it on stage with a beat box performance that was breathtaking (literally, lol).

Need I say more?

When Jay sang his last song the crowd started chanting “we want more! We want more!” But if you wanted to see more, you’d have to go to his official after party hosted at one of the finest clubs in Rosebank, Molocco.

P.S: Look out for more pictures in the next post!

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…

Is Jay Sean hot ot what???

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  • Tee

    my head is in these photo's!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Allegro D

    hey Tee, I don't blame you…feast your eyes, lol