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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: FaraiToday meets JAY SEAN in South Africa!

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Part 2 of Jay Sean’s concert in South Africa


I wasn’t just going to leave the Palace without seeing Jay Sean. I made my way backstage for our little “exclusive meeting…I meant interview, lol”. I went back to feeling the way I felt when I first got to meet NeYo “goose-bumps again” (but who can blame me? Jay is such a sweet guy and just as good looking as he is on his music videos.

I met the whole band (including the bouncers). The drummer couldn’t stop raving about how good I smelt in his words “oh Allegro smells good and your hair looks beautiful” (you can already see my reaction, lol). One of the guys attitude was a bit ‘off” though, but anyway I always get one of those so I wasn’t offended.

The drummer (left), me & the bass guitarist

Me and DJ Beatz

After refreshments and all, I got time to interview the main man himself Jay Sean in his dinning. (I had already met him before he freshened up.He actually came up to greet me,very humbled!)

Here’s the scenario:

Me: Hi

Him: Hi (at this point he’s staring at me and I’m trying to my cool)

Me: It’s your first time to South Africa, how has the reception been?

Him: Uhm! Yeah it is and you know what? I’m absolutely loving it. It’s been very nice and my first experience with South Africa has been awesome.

Me: You mentioned on stage that you weren’t sure how many of your songs the crowd would know. Were you surprised that they knew every single one of them?

Him: Yeah, it was amazing to hear all of them singing along to my songs even the latest single “2012”. It really proves that they are true fans and I love fans like that. They make me wanna give them more. (Oh! Bring it on…)

Me: Great performance an absolute pleasure meeting you

Him: Definitely! Same here (and gives me a hug)

Picture time…we posed for a couple of shots

Him: Really nice meeting you (I could tell he was about to tell me that I smell good. I think I’ll keep this new fragrance, lol)

Me: Thanks, same here. And you now what?

Him: what?

Me: I forgot your…well my CD, would have been great for you to autograph it

Him: Ah! Man, don’t worry I will next time

Here we are…

From this point onwards everything said was OFF the record! SORRY

Jay has the cutest British accent ever, for a moment during his performance I wished he could just stop singing and talk longer. (And I wasn’t the only thinking that!)

Well done to Dolphin Concerts for hosting such a brilliant artist.

And to Jay Sean, thank you for coming “DOWN” to South Africa. Your fans will love you now more than ever.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying, hoping I don’t break a lot of hearts with this pic”, so have your say…


Did you attend any of the three city Jay Sean South African concert?


What did you think of his performance?

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