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BIG BROTHER AFRICA SEASON FIVE – Meet The HouseMates, The Fellas! (Part Two)

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So continues our coverage on the new Big Brother Africa. The fifth season, Big Brother All Stars is being taped at the Big Brother house at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg. Produced by Endemol South Africa, Big Brother All Stars will run for the next 91 days (started already) with cameras following 14 contestants,  under the typical Big Brother 24/7 surveillance reality-tv format and the watchful eye of Big Brother as well as viewers across the continent on the South African DStv Channel 198.

We introduced the female housemates in an earlier post – CLICK HERE to reacquaint yourself with the girls.

Now meet the gents:

Munya – Zimbabwe

Harare resident, 24-year-old Munya has a BA Degree in Motion Picture Medium and is a film-maker, actor and small business owner whose current work includes starring in the Zimbabwean feature film Lobola.

The former Big Brother Africa 3 housemate says: “I have been acting and performing on stages since I was six years old. This passion evolved into film but my taste for live performance has always been in my blood.”

Munya’s favourite quote is: “Let’s make history” and his motto is: “courage, integrity, faith.” He also says he doesn’t find lies funny and that cowards and liars make him angry.  Asked his special talent and he replies: “My ability to read a situation.”

He says his strategy in the house is to win and that he wanted to be on the new series of Big Brother to promote his film and re-connect with his fans. “Oh and to get my 200 000 dollars at the same time.”

He identifies Hazel as his favourite housemate in his first season of Big Brother because:

“I respected her self control and poise.” He says audiences should watch him in Big Brother because: “I am a charming, interesting and controversial person, with a cute smile. “

And his message to viewers: “Give me a chance…all I need is a stage…Only God can judge me.”

Sammi – Ghana

35-year-old Kumasi born, Accra based Sammi is a musician and broadcaster. A housemate on the very first Big Brother Africa, after his time on the show he went on to host the Channel O music show 233 for Ghana.

The Ghanaian lists his amicable and friendly nature as among his good qualities, along with his ability to get along with everyone. He does get angry when someone tries to: “make me look stupid intentionally” and he dislikes: “when I am taken advantage of”. He does like when people get along together describing it as peace and fun.

His message to audiences is to keep their fingers crossed for exciting viewing and says that he’d like his latest Big Brother experience: “to be the best ever”.

He says he wanted to be on Big Brother again because: “the second experience, it’s rare” and says audiences should watch him as he is: “a funny and entertaining guy.”

Sammi, who is very proud of completing his debut album (“it was very demanding and challenging”), reveals that he deals with stress by keeping calm.

Mwisho – Tanzania

29-year-old Mwisho was a housemate in the very first Big Brother Africa show and returns to Big Brother Africa seven years later. The Morogoro resident says that his special talent is that he never gets bored and that he doesn’t get irritated because: “I don’t have the time to get irritated. I got better things to do!”

Quite simply he says that he likes being happy and dislikes: “people who think money amounts to happiness.” The Tanzanian’s motto is: “to always be happy, life is too short” and says that if he could teach the world one thing, it would be: “be happy!”

Commenting on whether he had a favourite housemate in the first season of the show he says: “I never have favourites. They were all good people at different times!”

Mwisho’s favourite quote is: “information is power.” His message to viewers: “Don’t kick me out too soon, lemme enjoy first!”

Mwisho says that he is always relaxed and enjoys reading, swimming and walking.  He spends a lot of his time living near a national park and he describes the experience as: “nice and peaceful.” And when asked about his new strategy in the new Big Brother house, he says: “What strategy!”

Uti – Nigeria

Season 3 Big Brother Africa housemate Uti hates it when: “people try to list your faults even though they have their own”. Working as an actor, TV presenter, model and MC, the 27-year-old BSc. Ed (Computer Science) graduate lists some of his good qualities as: “understanding, down to earth, fun to be with, accommodating, genuine…”

He also says that if his friends had to list his worst qualities they would say, “I have a loud voice, I talk too much when I’m excited, sometimes I’m not tolerant of people’s misbehaviour.”

In the new season of Big Brother, Uti says his strategy will be to: “try not to get attached to/fond of anyone”. His message to viewers is: “try not to vote for country, instead vote for the person.” And when asked what he will do to make sure he’s not voted out this time round, he says: “You can’t really control that now can you?”

Commenting on why he wanted to be on the new season, he says it was another chance to show: “who I really am and of course another shot at a bigger prize money!”

Uti also says that audiences should watch him on the new show because: “Cos I think I am still full of surprises.”

Kaone – Bostwana

In Big Brother Revolution, 26-year-old Kaone became known for his creative, artistic outlook. Currently working as a radio producer and features presenter, Kaone says that lying is one of the things he really hates because: “it is a bad habit and it can land one in hot trouble”.

Another thing that Kaone dislikes is: “judging a book by its cover. It can make one miss the gold, people always make the wrong conclusion.” And while he rarely argues, he says that inconsiderate people do make him angry.

Listing his good qualities as thinking, wordsmith, poet, fashion designing and people skills, Kaone says that one irritating quality he has is that sometimes he gets too technical and that: “Sometimes I make a big meal off small things.” He says the best advice he has ever been given came from his dad who told him to never forget where he comes from.

He says that his new strategy in Big Brother is: “to be the last man standing” and that the one thing he will do differently this year is to be more serious about wanting to win the money and “trust the housemates less than I did the first time around.”

And summing up, Kaone says he’d like his Big Brother experience to be financially motivating, fun, crazy, adventurous and unforgettable.

Hannington – Uganda

24-year-old Ugandan Hannington believes that: “a person can never write their own biography. Let his action dictate what is written about him. I am what you see, a free spirit.”

The Kampala based former Big Brother Revolution housemate says that his favourite quote is: “Take the world in your hands, only then will you have truly lived.”

A self described introvert and extrovert, he says he feels he is a bit of both depending on his surroundings. Asked what his friends would list as his worst quality, Hannington says it’s his impatience but that his good quality is that he makes things happen.

His message to viewers regarding the new season of Big Brother is that: “you didn’t get a chance to really get to know last time…I will give you me to the end.”

Commenting on why he wanted to return to the new season of Big Brother Hannington says, “I feel like I have unfinished business. Like I went out too soon.”

He says his plan for Big Brother in 2010 is: “My new strategy in the house will be to win the money at all costs.” He goes on to say that audiences should watch him in the house because: “last time was for fun, this time is upgraded fun.”

On a different note, when asked which famous person he’d spend a day with if he could, Hannington says: “Obama, there is no one greater right now”.

Code – Malawi

34-year-old Code, from Big Brother Africa season 2, specializes in radio advertising when he is not managing a successful dance troupe or taking on his role as radio DJ.

Asked what his strategy will be for the new Big Brother, he says simply: “Not to have one.”

His message to viewers: “Be prepared coz the fun is on, this time bigger and better!”

He says audiences should watch him because: “I am double the fun this time around.”

With one main regret from the previous time he appeared on Big Brother (“I wished I never replaced Tatiana”), Code says that this time round he’s going to work to stay in the show by trying: “as much as possible to win the tasks and avoid the whole beef situation.”

Commenting on his good qualities Code lists his ability to network, his charming smile and his voice but says he is still working on his temper.

Plus he says that the 3 things that really irritate him are: “Backstabbers /Playahaters/ Wannabes”.

*Yawning* there is no eye-candy with the male Big Brother housemates this fifth season! So disappointed but if I had to choose, then Code from Malawi is my first pick and Munya from Zimbabwe my second….based on looks & their bio’s! Mwisho from Tanzania looks like he likes his tea a little too sweet if-you-know-what-I-mean!

Just Don’t Know! Will You Be Watching Big Brother All Stars This Season?!


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

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