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Big Brother Africa was trending topic on twitter over the weekend and rightly so … the popular reality-television show premiered on Sunday, July 18th across the continent. One of the biggie things about Season Five of Big Brother Africa was the break in the traditional entry and audition process. M-Net had announced that there wouldn’t be entries for the new show but instead they head-hunted contestants from a database of previous entries submitted for the show….

And here’s what Season Five of Big Brother Africa looks like:

Filmed on location in Johannesburg, South Africa, contestants for the hit reality show will once again be drawn from 14 countries from across the continent – Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Meet the housemates: First the girls…

Tatiana – Angola

29-year-old Tatiana from Luanda says her weirdest moment ever was her first day in the Big Brother Africa 2 house. The TV presenter, actress and model, whose motto is: “never give up”, says that if she could teach the world one thing it would be to: “love one another.”

Given the chance Tatiana would love to spend a day with Madonna because: “I’ll like to drink from her experience”. The Angolan likes passion and dislikes jealousy. She says that some of her good qualities are that she is enthusiastic, ambitious, honest and kind however her friends would say she is stubborn.

Asked what her message to viewers is, Tatiana says: “thanks for being there for me since we met 3 years ago. I love my fans.”

She wants her Big Brother experience to be fun, beautiful, relaxing, amazing and happy and says that audiences should watch her on Big Brother because she is real, fun, original, creative, warm, humble, loving. She also reveals that some of the things that make her happy is to see other people happy, travelling, having fun and being in love.

And when asked what she would do to make sure she wasn’t voted out again, she says.

“I will be stronger and more determined.”

Sheila – Kenya

It was on Big Brother Africa 3 that African television audiences met Kenyan television reporter Sheila for the first time.

Now the 25-year-old, who works as a writer, director, actor and emcee, is back for a new season and when asked what she is going to do to make sure she isn’t voted out this time she says: “Just be as smart as possible. I hope there will be conspiring. I’m not really good at that but I’ll give it my best shot.”

Listing her good qualities as: “I’m caring and passionate’, Sheila says that if her friends had to name one of her worst qualities, it would be that she is super impatient. She also says that one of her bad habits is procrastination.

Her message to viewers is: “I know you’ll enjoy watching me”. With a personal motto that reads: “It’s never that serious”, Sheila describes herself as a people person. “Even if we don’t speak the same language, I’ll always find our common denominator.”

Asked about her special talent Sheila says: “I’m good at making you feel good about yourself.”

An admirer of efficiency, the Nairobi-born housemate dislikes: “People with no foresight, no ambition.” Commenting on what makes her laugh out loud she says: “People who try to figure me out. I’m still trying to figure me out.”

Paloma – Zambia

One time sales consultant and former Big Brother Revolution housemate, 26-year-old Paloma describes herself in 3 sentences. “I am a nice and sweet person and I can also be mean. Live life to the fullest like tomorrow will never come. And I also believe in my culture and religion.”

The Kitwe resident says that the 3 things she really hates are: “Un-cleanliness, laziness, and leaving the toilet seat up.” She says that her good qualities are that she likes helping people out and is very generous but acknowledges that if her friends were asked about her worst quality, they would list her temper.

Asked if she would do anything differently this time around she says: “yes, keep my opinions and ideas to myself.” She says she wanted to be on the new season because she believes she deserves a second chance.

Commenting on how her life will be changed by appearing on the show again, Paloma says: “It will take a dramatic turn and I guess some people will like it, others won’t but tough luck.”

Her message to viewers on the new season of Big Brother Africa is: “Watch me turn the tables upside down in the house.”

Meryl – Namibia

24-year-old event organizer Meryl, of Big Brother Africa 2 fame, describes herself as an outspoken person who doesn’t mind people talking about her. “Such things make me stronger mentally and emotionally.”  The Namibian says that if she could teach the world one thing, it would be: “We are all one big family and its time we started getting along.”

Asked what she likes and Meryl says: “Having people around me and learning new things” while she dislikes: “People that have bad things to say about others and gossiping”. She goes on to say that one of her good qualities is that she’s a good listener though she reveals that her friends would say that one of her worst qualities is that she trusts too fast.

In terms of why she wanted to be on Big Brother again Meryl says: “I have a lot to show people about myself and others have more to learn about my country.  Entertainment is my middle name and I can give a lot of it.”

And her message to viewers is straight-forward: “Take a good look this time and don’t make hasty decisions as it will cost you greatly with entertainment. Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

On the topic of why audiences should watch her on Big Brother, she says: “Drama, intrigue, fun, suspense, entertainment and I’m a whole lot of woman! I have a personality that others might find as outspoken and loud but it will surely keep you glued to your televisions”.

Jen – Mozambique

23-year-old Jen from Maputo became the first housemate in the history of Big Brother Africa to leave the series voluntarily during the Big Brother Revolution last year.  This season she’s back and she says: “This is a second opportunity for me, so I am going in there with all that I have.”

Listing her good qualities, she says that she’s optimistic, a strong woman, loving and caring, independent and free spirited. A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Politics, her message to viewers is: “Please watch the Big Brother house and vote for me”.

Jen also reveals that one of the things that really irritates her is racism: “because we are all the same as humans, so to compare one another by race, it’s ridiculous and stupid.” She also says she really hates waiting, dirt and people who are rude and think they are better than others.

Asked if she would do anything differently in the house this time she says: “No, I will keep being myself” and she says that she wanted to be on the new season of Big Brother: “to finish what I started.”

Asked about her ambitions for 2010, the Mozambican who speaks four languages (Portuguese, French, English and Spanish) says: “Win this year’s Big Brother Africa, buy a house and establish my own business.”

and of course Lerato from South Africa who was also a trending topic on Twitter…

Johannesburg resident Lerato, who made her first appearance on Big Brother Africa in season 2, describes herself as a fierce and feisty party starter! The 26-year-old, who labels her clothing style as Urban Afropolitan, says her favourite quote is from the movie Forest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”

In the new season of Big Brother Lerato says that her strategy in the house will be:

“To choose my battles wisely and not let emotions get the best of me (although that’s almost impossible).” Speaking about her expectations of her Big Brother experience, she reveals that she would like it to be life-changing, fun, scary, awesome and enlightening.

Confirming that she is sometimes temperamental and that’s her bad habit, Lerato’s message to viewers is simple: “What you see is what you get. What you’ll be seeing is me carrying on with my day-to-day activities but you’ll have the front row seat to it all.”

Asked why she wanted to return to Big Brother Africa, she says: “Because I have a second chance at playing an interesting game.” She encourages audiences to watch her on Big Brother because: “I’m an unpredictable fire-cracker! You never know what you gonna get.”

So Will You Be Watching BIG BROTHER AFRICA This Season?!?!


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

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