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“1, 3, 6” Smells, Looks Like A Championship Ring For The Miami Heat – LeBreezy, D. Wade & Chris Brosh Heat It Up In Miami!

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LeBreezy, D. Wade & Chris B. will be “heating” things up in Miami come 2010 – 2011 basketball season…

The Miami Heat had a celebration this past week at the American Airlines Arena as they welcomed to the basketball team, Lebron James (#6 jersey), Dwayne Wade (#3 jersey) and Chris Bosh (#1 jersey).

In addition to some very nice packages, $110 million for Lebron James and Chris Bosh and $107 million for Dwyane Wade respectively, the trio received keys to the cities of Miami, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County.

And of course the Heat’s arena had to be nicknamed, “LeBron James’s Kingdom”, “Dwyane Wade’s House” and “Bosh’s Pit”. Love it!!!!

So I had tweeted the really unfortunate remarks by the Cleveland Cavalier majority owner, Dan Gilbert from his open letter to fans. Well of course, the King had a response to that ish:

“I really don’t have a reaction to what Dan said. When things hit the fan, you see a guy’s true colors, and I understand that. I wish the organization the best of luck and I wish the fans the best of luck, because I still do love those fans. . . . Dan’s comments are not going to stop me and my family from sleeping at night. It just won’t do it.”

I understand now I made the right decision. And to hear my former owner’s comments, I also understand I made the right decision.”

So what are your thoughts on LeBron James’ decision & the Cleveland Cavaliers’ reaction?!?!?


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

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  • Nyeshawilson

    I feel sorry for Cleveland, but LeBron needed help. I mean they were still the best team but everytime it qets to the Playoffs, the mess up, and LeBron could not do it by himself. He wants to win a ring and didn't nobody want to come to Cleveland with him, so he left. So forqet Charles Barkley them. Of course he shouldn't had came on tv to announce his decision, but he wants to win!!