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NEW MUSIC: Video Review: “Bring Your Body” by South African Singer, Khabonina Qhubeka AKA “Duuuurty K”!!!

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South African musician Khabonina Qhubeka aka “Duuuurty K” has a hot new music video out for her single titled Bring your body, a single from her album Gama Lakho (translation for “your name”).

New album cover…

My first reactions when I saw the video was “hmmm, okay”. I wasn’t really impressed with the song itself but the video does justice to it. It’s fresh, exotic and brings out the dancer in the singer. It really is one of those songs you won’t fall in love with at first listen but it will grow on you. She has been dubbed as the next Lebo Mathosa and if she keeps going at this rate, she may live up to the title and beyond. She herself is no stranger from the late Lebo Mathosa’s music. She worked with Lebo, danced with her and in her own way looked up to her.

FaraiToday: When and where was the video shot?

Khabonina: The video was shot early on Sunday the 11th of April 2010. It was shot in “natural light” in the centre of town in Johannesburg on the roof top.

FaraiToday: And who directed the video?

Khabonina: The video was directed by one of the most amazing DP’s (Director of Photography) in South Africa Jonathan Kovel, who also directed my most recent TV series “The Mating Game” on SABC 2.

FaraiToday: What was the inspiration behind the video?

Khabonina: I run a Dance Lifestyle Program called “Kha’Bodacious Moves”. “Kha” means energy in Thai language and the first three letters of my name and “Bodacious” is body. It is a play on words but this is where people bring their bodies and I show/teach them how to “work it”, “move it”. I am honestly inspired by the body, the human form and everything you can do for the body and in return what it can do for you. This is what inspired the song and the theme of the video.

FaraiToday: How long did it take to shoot and finalize the video?

Khabonina: Call time was 05:30am, make-up, hair and wardrobe. The camera’s started rolling at 06:30 am ‘til 18:30pm. We were using natural light, which was challenging at times but was really fun at the same time. We then went into editing for about two weeks. It was hectic having to choose some shots and let other go, but the choices had to be made otherwise the video would be too long. After the editing, I took the video for color grading which is important as we balance the colors in the video. So in essence the whole process took about a month and a half!

Well after so much work, energy and hours, I hope the video will be appreciated by her fans and music lovers in general.

Khabonina is not only a singer but she is also a TV presenter, actress, choreographer and businesswoman…a woman of many talents.

Here’s the video, check it out and judge for yourself…

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane – “I’m just saying”, so have your say…

Will you be bringing your body to Khabonina’s “Bring your body?”  What do you think of the video, hot or not?

Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • Tumi Mohube

    love the Khabo's new video…..HOT!!!!

  • Allegro D

    Hey Tumi, glad you enjoyed the vid… :-)