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SOCCER “Not-So-Fab” News: Now Wishing On GHANA’s Black Stars!!

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Kudos to host country, South Africa for a job well-done but alas, they did not make it to the second rounds of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games…

Danny Shittu of Nigerian Team fights for that JABULANI ball!

We see you Diego, we see ya! Legendary Diego Maradona, head coach for Argentina

Lionel Messi (with the cutest little South African boy!)

Sergio Aguero of Team Argentina

If you’ve been following FIFA World Cup news, then y’all know that of there are  6 African teams in the 2010 FIFA soccer competition (Algeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria & South Africa). Of the 6 African countries, 3 were at the bottom of their respective group standings (Nigeria – Group B; Algeria – Group C; Cameroon – Group E) and so far, Ghana is the only African country leading a group, Group D with 4 points….

Thus far….

CNN International’S report on FIFA World Cup taking place on African soil…

So now that your country is going home, GHANA anyone?!?


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

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