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LADY GAGA Covers RollingStone Magazine & LUDACRIS, CIARA, TRINA Light It Up In Atlanta (VIDEO)

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Things that make you go mmmmmhhhh…

First, I know that Lady Gaga is super talented and all but even then, I think there is a responsibility that comes with that level of talent. I take issue with alot of her imagery, particularly because they are highly sexual in nature.

Like her cover for the upcoming Rolling Stone magazine…

Nothing is left to the imagination. My heart goes out to the teens who listen & follow her music…SMH!

Then over the weekend, it went down with host Ludacris & friends inlcuding Ciara, Trina, Luke, etc, at the Hot 107.9’s 15th annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta, Georgia…

Peep some of the performances (WARNING: Super Adult Content & Language):

Your thoughts?!?


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • Mali

    My heart goes out 2 Ciara, but it full circle comes around 2making a decision (stay in the game or out) I wonder how she feels every time she has 2perform that song, honestly, after all the backlash she received 4making a video so vulgar! I wonder is the $ still worth her image/integrity/respect. Well theres always a way of escape left open hopefully 1day b4 doing something like this, she will exit!

  • Kayzin07

    the price some people have to pay for fame and fortune, i wonder if they really have a choice with the material they put out or if the bigshots behind the scene run the show, sad if they are just puppets but even sadder if its their own image/music choice