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The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Ball, “JABULANI” Under The Spotlight

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The official Adidas 2010 FifaWorld Cup match ball JABULANI has been under much criticism after a number of players and goalkeepers complained about the ball being “too round”, “very light” and “too fast” for them to handle.

The official 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer ball – JABULANI (means FARAI or “be happy” or “rejoice”)

While the debate is on about whether or not Jabulani is the best design for the World Cup, the 2010 FIFA World Cup games continue. Those who have scored goals using Jabulani will certainly not be among those complaining and those who conceded goals might just join the “unhappy” side.

In all fairness though, all 32 teams competing in this momentous tournament were given the Jabulani balls about 8 months before the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup (methinks 8 months is enough time to get used to a ball, which shouldn’t be such a hassle especially for these world class players).

Ironically Jabulani is translated as “be happy/rejoice” in English from isiZulu (one of the official indigenous languages spoken in South Africa) or FARAI in Shona (one of the official indigenous languages spoken in Zimbabwe). Let’s hope that the Jabulani soccer ball lives up to its name and brings happiness to all football players and fans.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane – “I’m just sayin’”, so have your say…

Do you think the Jabulani deserves all the negative criticisms?


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