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JUST IN: South African TV & Radio Personality, TBO Touch is leaving SABC 1’s music show LIVE

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Tbo Touch


It has  been confirmed….

Radio personality and businessman most famous for being Akon’s “boy”, TBO Touch is leaving SABC1’s music show, LIVE (think BET’s show 106 & Park). After 3 years or so he thought it’s time to quit the show and move on to greener pastures (don’t know how green they are but I wish him well). He will be working on his new show Mzansi Insider, which promises to be very entertaining to viewers all around. A little birdie also told me that TBO Touch has finally managed to sign his artist (still anonymous but will get the deets for you guys *hehehehe*) to Akon’s label! Nice Touch (pun intended)! Congrats to him on that one.

I just hope that the arrogancy doesn’t get worse; it seems the higher a person goes, the lower they look down on people (people who got you there in the first place and make sure you stay there! Pheeeww I’ve always wanted to say that…)

So after all this was revealed (his move I mean), it became clear to LIVE viewers why LIVE had gone on a “nation-wide” search for a new presenter to co-host the show with Bonang Matheba and Phila.

I’m really not too sure how “nation-wide” their search was, as they narrowed down from 400 hopefuls to 4 finalists literally overnight ( *just saying (like I always do *smile*)

Anyway back to the TBO Touch and Akon relationship (don’t blame me it’s the most interesting). So Akon also bought a house in South Africa seeing as he is such a regular to our lovely country. TBO Touch also revealed a few weeks ago on LIVE that soccer star Didier Drogba and Samuel Etto will be staying in Akon’s house for the duration of the world cup. TBO Touch also told the whole of South Africa (like he always does) that Akon is the godfather of his son with fiancé, actress Thuli Thabethe (who is now leaving him for being a shameful cheat)!

Anyway back to the real reason I decided to jot this down…Good luck to “yo boy” TBO Touch and all the best with Mzansi Insider! Can’t wait for it – I mean it. 

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying *smile*”, so have your say…

What do you think of TBO Touch’s move & do you think he can be replaced on LIVE?


.Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • Mbalir

    Nooo mi vida. According to, Thuli actually took 'Touch back again. They got together with their families, and voila the wedding is right back on track…

  • Allegro D

    tjo!! I'm surprised she took him back after go national about how she doesn't want to be embarrssed knowing that her “man” is actually nont hers…I hope she knows wat she is doing

  • Thatile

    ms allegro dinkwanyane, wat was the point for all the nasty comments… it just made the article more disinteresting.. i think you need to re-evaluate ur writing skillz before u try to write another one.. next time, just get to the freaken point aiyt

  • Mzantsi

    Dinkwanyana baby you are just not an objetive writter so reporting is not style please do your self a favoure and quit.

  • Mzantsi

    Dinkwanyana baby you are just not an objetive writter so reporting is not style please do your self a favoure and quit.