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UPDATE: Rapper 50 Cent Is Actually OKAY…

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So peeps were SHOCKED over the pictures of rapper, 50 Cent looking extremely lean…as in 160 lbs lean!!! Some of you guys were in disbelief, challenging the veracity of the pictures…we really have no reason to lie or publish stuff like that. Some of you wanted to see his tats as proof. Rightly so but according to news sources, Fif has been erasing his tats;

Turns out, that ink is causing a problem as he turns his focus to acting, with roles in the upcoming drama Twelve, costarring Chace Crawford, and the football flick Things Fall Apart, due out next year.

“It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up,” 50 Cent says about his decision, which he calls “an ongoing process.”

Still, don’t expect him to rid himself of all the ink. His arms may be tattoo free, but 50‘s vowed to keep a tattoo on his back.

So there…

Fif out & about in Edgefield County, South Carolina yesterday

But to those of you who were genuinely concerned after he released pictures of his “football player turned cancer patient” transformation from when he was filming his Things Fall Apart, movie, it looks like 50 Cent’s now getting back to normal…weight-wise!

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