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MUST SEE: 50 Cent’s SHOCKING Weight Loss!

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I came across these pics and almost didn’t even recognize 50 Cent… Sources report that 50 has lost around fifty pounds for his upcoming role in the movie “Things Fall Apart” where he plays the roll of a football player who has been diagnosed with cancer.


50 lost the weight in nine weeks by going on a strict liquid diet and working out excessively.   He now weighs 160 pounds.


I don’t know about this look…kinda of scary…just saying.  Leave your comments…we want to know what ya think!


Tangie – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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  • DNL

    I don’t think this is real. Even if he lost 50 pounds, he still wouldn’t look like this;I’m sure he lost weight a healthy way, which means he would still have muscles on his body.

  • Laura

    This is disturbing…

  • Xavier

    What the hell is that? Looks like an alien in human skin

  • talam

    these is so devastating!!!!!plz keep ths away from the kids…its shocking. r u sure its mere weight lose? i think he is sick aghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://capitallifestyle fal

    aids. guess all the partyn fynally got2him

  • cool james

    this aint him…where a all hiz tattoz?? we need more pics..4 convincin

  • cool james

    this aint him…where a all hiz tattoz?? hiz gunshot wounds..etc… we need more pics..4 convincin

  • Cakes

    WHHAAAAAAAATTT!!!!!!show me his tatoos n may b i might want o believe you! that man is juz anaa 50 cent look-alike. THAT AINT 50 PERIOD!!!

  • koffia

    this aint 50;

  • Alvytana

    thihihiihii!!!50 doesn’t look like that,kwani he is a balloon to inflate and deflate at will,lakini that photoshop is jus of the chains,Im still laughin

  • O’ Bigger

    This is camera tricks!

  • Allegro D

    tjo!! haibo…a little shocking if you ask me But shouldn’t he at least have a bit of muscle on him??? for a big guy like 50 this almost looks unreal OMG!! I’m a bit disturbed with this whole thing of actors having to lose so much weight just for a role…YOH!!

  • Tangie

    Thanks everyone for your comments…

    One thing to consider, 50 is playing the roll of a football player that has cancer…these shots could have been taken during the filming of the movie, which would explain why he looks so sickly. Just a thought…


  • joseph karanja

    this can never be real…his eyes look sick men!!

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  • Sylvia

    That looks like a 50 Cent look alike with AIDS! I’ve refused! Where are his tattoos??!

  • Lynnie

    He went and got most of his tattoos removed over the past year because he felt they would increase his chances at getting more acting roles that would normally go to a person without tattoos. And yes, he can look like that if he was on a strict diet. See Christian Bale in “The Machinist”

  • Gugu


  • Kamote

    Is It A Real Photo Ama One Of Those PhotoShop Thingies.
    If So, Meeeeeeennn Ame Beat!!!!

  • The Martian Ndeto

    Messed up

  • The Martian Ndeto

    Messed up

  • engelina

    very sickly……he looks like he is just going to collapse.

  • Dawdwddawd

    NOT 50 cent , no tattos , the shape of this guys head is kinga egg , 50 is more like ball or smth lol

  • Nolwazin

    Hell no!!!! His really sick man,but hey this is not 50cents hahahahahaha…….

  • Gqbishop2003

    It’s true where r his tatoos.this is an imposter and not 50 cent as they claim.

  • Thizak

    Helllll NO! this is not 50c at all

  • Puly54

    Man, what happened to 50

  • Lesego

    ag yea right dat ain’t 50 wher i da tattooz mxm ag. . .

  • Lesego

    ag yea right dat ain’t 50 wher i da tattooz mxm ag. . .

  • Lesego

    ag yea right dat ain’t 50 wher i da tattooz mxm ag. . .

  • Seemysmile

    He looks old.

  • Lerato

    wooo, how did he do it…sacry image

  • Mpho Tete

    make sure you get back on shape,u look scary

  • Nj

    OMG! WOW!Uhh uhhg! Let me find outtttttt!!!

  • Maroro

    wat da h………………….l hell no this ain’t 50c

  • Mphilempanza

    oh my God is he for real? He look pale and lifeless.

  • Mphilempanza

    i agree with u, i just saw him on Tyra bank’s show, he was looking as hot & sexy as ever this aint him

  • Marie

    thats amazing how 50 cent can slim for a movie like that he must be a terrific actor

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