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Freshly Ground is Africa’s Radio

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The talented award winning South African group Freshly Ground launched their new album Radio Africa last night and although I didn’t get the time to attend the launch, I hear it was good. A friend of mine tagged along to see for herself if they could top their previous album Macheri. As expected, they did not disappoint. Apparently they had the crowd going and lead vocalist Zolani Mahola, still has that voice that just makes you want to sit up straight and listen (I always say she can take you to heaven and back). The group (comprising of 7 members, see below) have come a long way since it’s formation in 2002 and with a mixture of South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, Freshly Ground are truly a great representation of Africa. And who better to play Africa’s radio than them???

They released their first album Jika Jika in 2003 and followed that up with Nomvula (which by the way still remains my favourite) in 2004- 2006. Macheri was released in 2007 and for a while there I thought they were losing focus as they seemed to shift from their original sound to something more Urban, but they are back!!

Here are the members of Freshly Ground:

1.  Zolani Mahola – Lead vocals

2.  Simon Attwell – Flute, Mbira, Harmonica

3.  Peter Cohen – Drums

4.  Kyla Rose Smith – Violin, Vocals

5.  Julio “Gugs” Sigauque – Acoustic Guitar

6.  Josh Hawks – Bass Guitar, Vocals

7.  Aron Turest-Swartz – Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

N.B: Freshly Ground have also joined forces with global award winning artist Shakira to collaborate on Waka Waka, one of the 2010 World Cup songs. They will be performing at the celebrations concert on the 10th of June 2010 (a day before the World Cup kick-off) at the Orlando stadium in Soweto…(if you are coming to SA be sure to catch them live)…

Peep the vid:

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane -“I’m just saying”, so have your say…

Firstly, do you like the title of the album, Radio Africa? How about the joint they did with Shakira, Waka Waka?

(Oh by the way, please no piracy! If you don’t like the whole album you can still buy their singles online the legal way, please)

Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • zweli

    I don’t know about this song, especially with Shakira leading it, it just didn’t rub me the right way (i’m just saying…….Allegro lol)
    I am a fan of Freshly Ground though and i think Zolani really puts flavor on the whole group, especially her vocals and character (i checked out a documentary of them, she’s hilarious). It’s good to see that “GOOD” music is still being done today. The song Pot Belly (great video too) from the album “Ma’cheri” is on ‘repeat’ on my ipod these days.

  • Venicia

    “Tsamina mina zangalewa, this time for Africa”

    This song is a hit and I have no doubt about the kick-off ceremony at the Orlando stadium in Soweto!

    The legendary song was originally written by a Cameroonian group called ‘ZANGALEWA’ (they are on youtube, check it out lol) , Shakira and Freshlyground just interpreted it and re-arranged the beat but it still sounding the same.

    It is great Fifa has chosen this one, the Kelly Rowland feat 2face Idibia was too slow for me, but this is the real ISH !!!

    AYOBA 2010!

  • Allegro D

    wow!!! Zweli I totally understand where you are coming from with the whole topic on why Shakira is leading it. But I think she did a great job on the song…must admit I didn't like it at first but now I'm recall 2010 memories everytime it plays. xoxo (again, I'm just saying lol).

    Freshly Ground are a fresh breath of air in the local and international music scene. I absolutely love them…

    Velencia doll, believe me Orlando stadium and Soccer City stadium were on fire everytime that song played. Hope you enjoyed the WC, xoxo