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Video Fab: South Africa’s KHANYI MBAU’s Music Video For “Work Up On It”

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Khanyi Mbau & Allegro

So the self proclaimed “Queen of Bling”, Khanyi Mbau is giving a shot at a music career…again, after she blew her chances in acting (personally, I think she did a better job as an actress than a singer…but anyway). Ms Mbau has  a new music video out “ Work up on it” which somehow reminds me of Riri’s “Rude boy”.

I have to say, the video looks great, squeaky clean which shows she went all out trying to make this work. I just don’t like the make up (the blush is too much, unless if that’s the “look” they were going for, hhmmm…). I think she’s a good dancer…but we hardly see any of that in this video. There’s a part where I could swear she almost wants to look like Beyonce in “Upgrade you”, with fur, money and all that stuff. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

Typical of Khanyi, the video features an hot male, some bling here and there, glam and of course the infamous Lambo. She goes all out to prove that she truly is a material girl. She also once claimed that she’s a mixture of the late Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie, who were legends in their own right. But, somehow I just don’t see those personalities reflecting in her music.

Check out the video…

“I’m a superfly work of art”

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane – “I’m just saying *wink*”, so have your say…

What do you think of the video and do you think Ms. Mbau will make it in the music scene?


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • Suzgo

    Excellent video! yea the blush is a little much vocals , i guess are in her range but world class video and good tune Kudos to her!

  • Perch

    Khanyi looks a lot like Brandy on this video. The video reminds me a lot of Beyonce's “upgrade you”. She looks gr8 though…

  • Allegro D

    At Suzgo, u said it, and I was thinking it…lol ya the blush but the vid does look fab.

    Perch, after viewing the vid a couple of times…i think I see what u mean when u say it reminds you of “Upgrade you” by Queen B

  • Yolz

    love the video its like out of mzantsi..keep rocking gal!