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OMG! NBA Basketball Player SHAQUILLE O’Neal Like You Have Never Seen & BasketBall Wives First Episode

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I am by no means a psychologist but I think the following ish…

Soon-to-be-ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal (seated in the middle) has new reality show on VH1 called BasketBall Wives which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the wives, fiancées and girlfriends of NBA players….

…in case you missed the first episode

Shaunie O’Neal is the show creator and one of the executive producers. Shaunie’s reality show premiered this past Sunday…

…while she vacayed in Maui, Hawaii with her new boo Marlon Yates.

Also on the reality show is Gloria Govan, fiancee of Orlando Magic baller Matt Barnes. Gloria’s relationship with Shaunie is a little strained because Gloria’s sister, Laura Govan reportedly had an affair with Shaquille O’Neal. (Laura is Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas‘ ex-fiancée & baby-mama)…yeah, my head is hurting with this so please google this story! Sorry, cannot keep up! Too messy!

Enter Vanessa Lopez. Ex-mistress of Shaquille O’Neal, with her attorney Gloria Allred (reps Tiger Woods mistresses etc) at a press conference where she announced that she was suing Shaq with harrassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress…

…all of which, would make Shaq do this! Of course! I mean the wig, the singing…it has too!

Basketball practice anyone?!?!? Seriously, how hilarious was this to you?!?! I was on the floor! What-The-Heck?!?

Let us know & drop your comments below & muchas gracias amigos!

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • kudzi Zinzombe

    the wig just suits him!lol

  • Zweli

    Over the Edge……Shaq needs help, maybe he should go into!!!!

  • Allegro D

    Agg really now, what’s with men and cheating??? But i still say the mistresses are also to blame they knew that the man was involved, in fact MARRIED but that did not stop them!!

    I am looking forward to seeing BaseketBall Wives, hope its nothing like Footballer’s wives…

  • basketball shooting aid

    So they want to do something interesting. Must be running out of rumors lately.