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Jay-Z, Russell Simmons Rally For 7-Year-Old Trenton, New Jersey Gang Rape Victim

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I became aware of this rape crime via my friend, Brandon’s tweets & Facebook update. B is passionate anyway but this, he was definitely mad about!!! Then I got the whole story in my inbox via The Belle Report

A number of Hip-Hop heavyweights will head to Trenton , New Jersey in support of this weekend’s “Stop the Violence” rally.

Hip-Hop superstar Jay-Z will head to Trenton for the rally, after hearing the shocking story of a seven-year-old girl, who was gang raped in an apartment in the city on March 28th.

Russell Simmons is hosting the event, while the Rev. Al Sharpton and other community leaders are expected to join Jay-Z for the rally, which takes place on Saturday (April 10th) at 7:00 PM at The Lighthouse Outreach Ministry.

In addition to Jay-Z and Russell Simmons, rappers Ludacris, Chuck D. and Trenton ‘s own Wise Intelligent of the Poor Righteous Teachers will deliver taped messages to attendees.

The rally is a reaction to the shocking news about the seven-year-old, who was assaulted by seven men, ranging in age from 13 to 20 years-old.

According to reports, the girl’s 15-year-old sister took an undisclosed amount of money and sold herself and her younger sister for sex during a party at the notorious Rowan Towers , where several men touched and raped the child.

Police have arrested five men believed to be involved with the crime and they are looking for two more rapists, who allegedly also forcibly penetrated the young girl.

“We are not finished, because everyone that was responsible is still not arrested,” Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer said during a press conference. “The police will not rest until we get every individual that’s involved in this.”

The Stop the Violence rally is free and open to the public tickets are available at the Lighthouse Outreach Ministry in Trenton, NJ.

The 15-year-old’s grandmother has stated that the family is now receiving death threats from local gangs.

I hate that we are so reactionary. We have to be on the offensive and raise our young boys & girls right, from the get-go. And it takes the whole village too! Our message has to be consistent; starting from our homes to our schools, music, movies, language you name it, we have to be on top it!… I weep because the little girl’s life has forever been changed…at 7-years old!

For more on how you can join the movement to stop rape, CLICK HERE! “There is no security, without women’s security“.

Are you hella mad or what at this madness?!?! Let us know & drop your comments below & muchas gracias amigos!

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • eugenia

    I ask with tears in my eyes what is happening to this world???The rape of women and children has,ashamedly, become the norm…Call me ignorant but I thought the US was far better…I just don’t understand how young men of 13yrs old can be involved in this horrifc act…

  • Laureen Day,Trenton,NJ

    I believe our women/girls should be respected and protected as the women/girls of nationalities are respected and protected.

  • Laura

    This is so sad… very perplexing.. I always wonder when we will hear an end to it?

  • Kenya

    I don’t want to sound really emotional because this is such a touchy situation for me and others,but I think that the law is really lenient when it comes to a situation as this.These young men are very disfunctional with no sense of morality to even undress a seven year old and look at her in a sexual manner. When so many women now-a-days are basically throwing sexual gesture towards men they hit on a baby in my eyes.Just to picture if you where to take laws in your own hands,you would be locked up for life but this particular subject is only going to give them what 5 to 10 years.I think and I know this is my opionan should be ung,chopped up and thrown to hungry pigs for being the scum of the earth that they are and I know that is just my opion.