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WATCH NOW: ERYKAH BADU Gets Naked For Her New Music Video “Window Seat”

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Erykah Badu’s new album cover

I literally got chills when I first watched Erykah Badu‘s latest music video for her song  “Window Seat“. Not due to her nudity at the end but for the overall message that she conveys in this music video…


They play it safe. Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs, ingesting more & more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow.

They are us. This is what we’ve become, afraid to respect an individual. A single person within a circumstance can move one to change. To LOVE herself. To EVOLVE” – Erykah BaduWindow Seat“.

Peep the music video…

So apparently she tweeted that “#windowseat was shot guerilla style, no crew , 1 take , no closed set , no warning , 2 min . , don town dallas , then ran like hell…”

And it was unclear want the blue blood spelt at the end of the video, well thanks again to Twitter, Erykah clarified with another tweet; “my blood at the end of the video spelled out GROUPTHINK

Here is the music video by Matt & Kim that inspired Erykah’s version. She tweeted, “i was inspired by this contagious act of freedom and artistic expression.” Check it:

And if Twitter was not enough, she took to The Wall Street Journal to talk about her upcoming album, “New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh” and the controversy surrounding her music video to “Window Seat

Erykah talked about the concept of GROUP THINK and her are some explanations from her tweets: “Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis (1972)”, group think is the illusion of monothinking which causes conformity. The orgin is unknown. It’s human nature” & “#GROUPTHINK People who follow whatever story or policy is handed to them without question

So what do you think of Ms. Badu’s latest offering? Please leave your comments below & muchas gracias amigos!

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • kudzi Zinzombe

    that video will get a lot of attention, she’s into her psychology

  • farai

    LOL @ Kudzi!

    Yep, it will and it is getting alot of attention! Yeah, Ms. Badu is definitely into her psychology that’s for sure! I do have to agree with her on Group Think and its affects. Take time to do some self reflection to assess how much of you really makes up your thoughts – you will be surprised!

    Let us know how that turns out for ya!

    Thanks doll for your massive support! You totally rock!

  • Cherie

    bottom line is E is an artist and she is serious about her S**t!