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U.S. House Passes Health Care Bill On Narrow 219-212 Vote

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Health Care Reform

Finally the moment we all have been waiting for! Gosh darn-it by a 219-212 vote and after more than a year of nasty partisan debate with all 178 Republicans in opposition, along with 34 opposing Democrats, the House passed the Senate’s Health-Care Reform Bill. This Health-care reform debate has just been a harrowing experience for most Americans and I am so glad that President Obama finally sealed this historic bill (although the full effects of the $940 billion healthcare bill will not be felt until 2014, some provisions will go into effect this year)…

So what are your thoughts on the just recently passed Health Care Reform Bill? Please let us know your thoughts & leave your comments below!

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  • Thomas

    Every pole says the American tax payer and voter was not happy with this bill. Over 75% of those with health insurance are happy with what they have and no is denied heath care when they need it even if they can’t pay for it.
    But government knows better and soon you with be forced to buy it or be fined by the government. But don’t worry about the government not having the money. They have have all of us. They can just raise taxes to get the money and they will tax and spend.
    Now instead of a raise, your employer will have to pay for health insurance. Government health insurance.
    Yup thanks to Obama and Democrats, things will only get worse. Tell me is there anything the government does thats not over budged under funded or going bankrupt?

  • Gugu

    what are my thoughts?? Well when I grow up, I want to be just like Obama. Infact, if I am ever blessed with a son, … or even a girl I will name them Obama Mabuza :) Great leadership by this man. I love dudes that get stuff done. I pray for the success of this bill