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The Queen has a new movie opening in theaters May 14th featuring rapper/actor Common as her love interest. Queen Latifah plays Leslie, a physical therapist who falls for basketball player Scott McKnight played by Common, whom she’s helping recover from a career-threatening injury. Things get complicated because Scott is drawn to Morgan (Paula Pattonshe was in the movie, Precious & is Robin Thicke‘s wife), the gorgeous best friend of Leslie who has her sight set on being an NBA trophy wife….so Leslie has to choose getting Scott, her lucrative job or her bestie, Morgan. Also in the movie is Pam Grier the original Foxxy Brown.

Peep the trailer below….


“Some women have gay-dar. I’ve got ho-dar!” Wow! Alrightie then!

So will you be watching “Just Wright” when it comes out this May? Holla back & share your thoughts on the movie trailer! Muchas gracias!

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

Photo: Zimbio / Getty Images

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  • Laura

    looks HOT!

  • farai

    Hi Laura,

    I totally agree that the movie looks hot! Hope it does the same at the box office!


  • Darlene

    This movie looks hot. I love romantic comedies so this is the bomb. I got a great feeling about this movie.

  • Elize Louwrens

    Girl you are awesome. I just love the way you…..