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Zimbabwean Woman Honored at the 82nd Academy Awards – PRUDENCE MABHENA

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Prudence Mabhena

Roger Ross Williams and Elinor Burkett just won an Academy Award for Best Short Documentary for “Music by Prudence” about a disabled Zimbabwean singer/songwriter Prudence Mabhena who offers a message of hope through her music..

Williams raced to the stage after “Music by Prudence” was announced as the Oscar winner.

“Two years ago when I got on  an airplane and went to Zimbabwe, I never imagined I’d end up here,” Williams said from the stage.

In the audience, Prudence Mabhena beamed from her wheelchair despite the drama onstage…

Roger Ross Williams:

Oh my god. This is amazing. Two years ago when I got on an airplane and went to Zimbabwe, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d end up here. This is so exciting. This is so exciting. So exciting.

Elinor Burkett:(in a Kanye West move)

…Let the woman talk. Isn’t that the classic thing? In a world in which most of us are told and tell ourselves that we can’t. Liyana, the band behind this film, teaches us that we’re wrong. Against all odds they did, so we can. So the bottom line is, to me, my role models and my heroes, Marvelous and Energy, Tapiwa, Goodwell, the whole rest of the band and especially Prudence.

Roger Ross Williams:

And Prudence who is here. Who is back there. Prudence is here tonight. This is for Prudence.

Congratulations Empress for inspiring the world with your music!

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  • RandomnOne

    Ok now that I am sufficiently calm about this fiasco I am just going to say RAH RAH for Prudence!! She has such a beautiful smile!

    That Kanye moment ……!!!