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VIDEO: The Africa They Never Show You (My Love & Pride)…

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God bless Loreen Nyambok who put the video below…I love this!

It will be a beautiful day when Africans learn to respect and care for each other as they so emphatically like to care for foreigners. Then maybe, we can actually start to take care of each other and the millions of Africans scattered all over the globe, rather than always depending on people outside the continent to help us.

Some flicks of the Africa they never show ya…

Mansion in Trasacco Valley, Accra-Ghana


Beachside, Mombasa, Kenya

Cape Town, South Africa

Alexandria, Egypt

Beachside, Maputo, Mozambique

Yaounde, Cameroon

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of South Africa’s mega malls.

Cairo, Egypt

Hurghada – Egypt

…and of course Idris Elba. He is African you know!

(His father is Sierra Leonean and his mother is Ghanaian)

Pictured having a good time at the recent LA Lakers game. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers by the final score of 122-99 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

So what does your view of Africa look like? Holla back & leave your comments below!

Muah & ♥ ya guys!

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  • Susan

    Africa Africa where to begin I dont know. What is represented by these pictures for me is not the real Africa, its the real Africa for a few people, they are people living in poverty that you cannot even comprehend, these pictures are just for the priviledged. Africa is very far from being a paradise, what good is a paradise when it can only be enjoyed by the elite and the people from there do not even know or understand this part of life???

  • mike

    you speak as if its not the same everywere, theres poverty all over the world, the pictures of other countried, only show the good side not the bad side of thigs, and alsodo not talk about africa as if u truly know cause you dont!

  • NigerianArchitecture

    Susan is very right and very realistic. For example, Nigeria, if 80% lives in poverty, is it fair to show the “real” Nigeria which is just the sugar coated 20% who live in the prestigious compounds in Abuja or VI.

    I think also that African poverty is also very different to lets say; English poverty, or American poverty, so please think twice before getting offended when someone actually speaks the truth for once.

  • Monchusileepile60

    Mxim,Africa is da ish…

  • Monchusileepile60

    Oh cum on now?Poverty is just poverty and i dont understand why you are racialising it.People who dont have a clue about living in poverty have a tendecy to catagorise poverty and meet the hungry and ask if they know another form of poverty they will be shocked to hear….Africa is simply BEAUTIFUL and thats it….

  • ouli

    Soo the truth is poverty in america and europe is as worse as in africa. Wherever u go there is rich and poor peoples. Even in europe the majority is poor. Thats the reality. The dufference is just that they have much infrastructure and they show it while they show starving people in Africa. Yeah these picture show Africa and It’s beautiful.

  • maita

    The poorest in Europe and America is the middle class in Africa! Those places are for 15% of Africa’s people. The rest leave in abject poverty singing to nice cars and high table dinners