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Photo: Sade covers U.S Magazine EBONY’s April 2010 Issue & New Pictures of Her!

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The Soldier of Love herself is going stronger than ever with her latest album…

At 51, Sade looks amazing, so why this flick was airbrushed, beats me! *sigh*

U.S magazine, EBONY‘s April issue has the inside scoop on Sade’s 10-year hiatus from music, her 13-year daughter, Ila Adu, and her love life. The super talented and uber hot Nigerian-born songstress talks candidly about challenges of relationships, raising her daughter to EBONY while her album, Soldier of Love continues to pop on the charts! Here’s an excerpt from their interview:

With her highly anticipated album, Soldier of Love, recently topping the charts, Nigerian-born singer Sade, has definitely made the 10-year wait worthwhile. But, what has she been up to during this mysterious hiatus? The notoriously private superstar gave Ebony an exclusive peek into her world outside of the studio. “I’ve had my ups and downs in the years between these albums, said Sade. “That’s partly why I’m able to write songs that people in some way can hear. I express feelings, real feelings.”

Below are some new flicks of Sade…

The Ebony issue hits stands next week on March 9th…

Trivia on Sade, she is the most successful solo female artist in British history…

Do we love Sade or what? Let us know your absolute favorite Sade song (as if there is ever such a thing. Her entire catalogue is BANANA’s!). *smile* So leave your comments below!

Muah & ♥ ya for it!!

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  • Kotuledon Kucukandonyandis

    I just love her looks.She’s got this absolute beauty.

  • Laura

    Sade is a gem and her music is very sober and amazing in its message…

  • JC

    I love Sade, I have every song she has ever written …..J Carruthers

  • Guest

    Soldier of Love…so far, I love every song on it. I will keep listening to this album tonight.

  • Denise ^^

    She is my FAVORITE singer! She is amazing! :)

  • Abiola33

    Not only is she a toally outstanding mucisian but she also looks GREAT for her age!