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JUST IN: Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL Wanted For Assaulting Limo Driver!

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Wanted: by New York City’s finest, NYPD, supermodel, Naomi Cambell for model misbehavior…again!

Oh boy! Naomi is at it again…and we were pulling for her, what with her recent Relief For Haiti efforts. So the news of her “slappin” & runnin'” is a major set-back! I mean, she was doing well there for a second! So according to the Associated Press:

A law enforcement official says Naomi Campbell’s driver says she slapped and punched him while he was driving her around New York City.

The official says the 39-year-old model became enraged with the driver and started to hit him from the back seat on Tuesday afternoon.

The official says the driver stopped the car in midtown Manhattan and called 911. He says Campbell jumped out of the car and ran away.

The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition on anonymity because an investigation was ongoing.

Police are looking to speak to Campbell. The driver is speaking to police at a precinct.

Campbell spokesman Jeff Raymond hasn’t returned a telephone call seeking comment.

So do you think that Naomi Campbell can change her model (mis)behavior? Or is this pretty much a done deal, she ain’t changing for nobody, judge, court, media or her fans! Sound off and leave your comments below!

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  • Kotuledon Kucukandonyandis

    When would this big cow change her attitude?It’s 2010 already,for her wrinkled things’ sake.Change please,ho!