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NEW MUSIC VIDEOS: Omotola’s “FEEL ALRIGHT” & Nonhle Thema produces “FAIRYTALE” for Liquideep!

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African girls doing it BIG! And we likes that!

Omotola (left) at the 2010 M-Net Face of Africa in Lagos, Nigeria

When my girl Omotola does anything, she does it BIG! She just inboxed me this video & I am super excited for her! Here is her newest music video to her latest single “FEEL ALRIGHT” from her upcoming album tentatively titled ‘Feel Alright’….peep it below!

Nigeria Stand Up!

So “Feel Alright” will be on Omotola’s follow up album which comes after five years since the 2005 debut of her Gba album. On her sophomore album, Omotola said that she worked with singer and guitarist Harrisong – who doubled as her voice coach, producer DelB and singer & producer Paul PlayDairo, to produce, mix and master her sophomore album which mostly pop and rock. “Feel Alright” is expected to drop in May! Kudos Omo!

* Being the consummate entertainer that Omosexy is, the first video to this single was not up to her standards. Omotola is mindful of her fan base and she did not want to disappoint them. So she deaded that version, scratched its release and went to work on a new video for FEEL ALRIGHT…And that is what you see above. Very nice!

(Sidebar: I made my first music video appearance on Omotola’s music first video for “Feel Alright”. So does that make me a video chic? Just askin’. I know I am digressing! *smile*)

Nonhle Thema

This past Friday, V Entertainment uber fab & super cute host, Nonhle Thema dropped a new music video “FAIRY TALE” for South African music group Liquideep. Her production company, Nonhle Thema Productions produced this hot new vid & she is also in it…check it below! (Go girl!)

South Africa Stand Up!

So according to their FaceBook profile, Liquideep is an international music group specializing in house music. American singer-song-writer, producer, Ziyon and South African producer/ DJ Ryzor make up this super talented group. They describe their sound as original, influenced by Africa’s beat and yet still boast global appeal due to being well traveled, their respect for different cultures, and love for the arts…. Sold! ♥‘ing them already!

How much hotness is this? Jonathan Ziyon Christian (left) & Thabo Ryzor Shokgolo

Do we like the video’s or what? Let us know which video & song and why you think it’s hella hot! Holla back & drop your comments below!

Muah & ♥ ya for it!!

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  • Kimberly

    Ok I love Omotola (as an actress) , this is my first time hearing her music and I guess like all new commers to the music game she has some growing to do. I will to give her an A for efffort though.

  • Kimberly

    As for liquideep the video is cute I like it but the music is nice and I think I will keep my eye on them .

  • jackie

    i loved omotola jalade new video.i’ve been heard of the song in 2008 but i don’t know why in 2010 she decide to make another video of “feel alright”.i think she is doing great so far with the musics and i want her to keep it up.