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Kanye West joins the Blogsphere with X-Rated Pic of Amber Rose (no looking boys & girls!)

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…Um Bloggers what he meant to say was “I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, I mean blog, but one of the best blogs of all time.” *smile*

imma let you finish sound bite

Seriously though, Kanye West just launched his blog today with photo of his girlfriend! Some of you will call this art or whatever! For me, it’s Amber Rose, naked…again!

Not much creativity here (Grace Jones’ “Island Life” album cover revisited)…onto to the next one! (ok, Amber’s mommy is from Cape Verde, an island countryoff the western coast of Africa, opposite Senegal and Mauritania. African girl doing her thing I guess!)

Front row with Kanye at Narciso Rodriguez showing, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Bryant Park

So my question to you is….will you be reading his blog? And why? *wink* Holla back!


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  • Woske

    wow. maybe if I took a picture with baby Farai, then I’d be hot stuff by proxy!

  • farai

    LOL…you are hot already!!! *wink*

    I am shocked you aint said nothing about Amber Rose picture! By the way, love, love the website! Checked it out & love the music on the intro page! Looking forward to your mixed tape & profiling you on faraitoday!!!


  • Farai M. Malianga

    That the Pose is from a Grace Jones Photo….

  • farai

    Hola Mr. Malianga!

    Yes, Grace Jones “Island Life” album revisited…:-)

    How goes it music maestro?


  • Laura

    Amber Rose… That’s a fab-o pic… So Jealous, I wanna meet Kanye…!