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Them boys are back!


Swinging hard, swagga on point & definitely doing what they do best! Their video for second single, “DIKAKAPA” premiered on SABC 1’s LIVE show last night. This is from their latest album, COMING HOME!

Peep the behind-the-scenes flicks of their video shoot…

Zwai Bala, looking ayoba!

Kabelo Mabalane, looking gangsta!

Magesh *oh boy* always a renegade that dude! Gotta love him though!

This one is for my dolls…enjoy girls! *wink*

Peep the video below…

Do we like or not? Holla back & leave your comments below…MUAH!

Love, love, LOVE ya guys!

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  • RandomnOne

    Yes!!! They still have their authentic TKZ sound! I always checked out for Kabelo lol….uMagesh eish…

  • farai

    LOL! I love it! Doll, you are so hilarious! You checked him out already huh? Actually uMagesh is a cute “bad boy”, if you know what I mean….has that appeal to him, that Bobby Brown ayobaness to him [if that is even possible!]

    But great music, awesome music video’s! They need a world tour!!


  • RandomnOne

    Chile you know!!!*claps hands* They sure need to do a world tour, can you even imagine the madness? This is the only time I envy people in the UK. All these guys get to go there. Farai you are hooked up…talk someone into ‘assuring’ them they need to tour the Americas or at least North America lol

  • farai

    I love your spirit, I really do!

    Well, their manager did say that after the 2010 World Cup, TKZee will be free to tour and are scheduling some overseas dates! Before June, they are committed to some MTN related gigs in South Africa :-( but I totally agree, how bananas would a TKZee tour in North America be!!

    Malaika will be touring in US next month – New York City, Dallas & Detroit…and DJ Fresh from South Africa will be performing in Miami and New York City in March as well…so the demand for African artists overseas is definitely growing!!


  • RandomnOne

    awww thank you 😉

    See I knew you would have some insider information! OMG I am such a huge Malaika fan and I could always take teh bus or car pool and catch them in Detroit but next month is my make or break time…exams :( I am going to cross my toes that they at least come in April….ohh the thought. I need to get into Dj Fresh…lead me to some of his stuff asseblief..

  • farai

    Hey doll,

    I hear ya & education is top priority! So do your thing! You will see Malaika perform someday soonest!

    As for DJ Fresh, his USA dates are 20th March 2010 (New York City Invasion) in USA and 26 March 2010 South Seas Hotel in Miami – USA – as they say, “be there, or be square!”


  • Dave

    i’m looking for the track by TKZee called “Hooked on you””. Help anyone. Whats the name of the album? Cheers, D. Please mail to