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WATCH NOW: “Baby” Justin Bieber Ft. Ludacris

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Check out little Justin Bieber (Usher’s artist) video…


So what do you think?  Hot or not?

Leave your comments below!


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  • Woske

    video made me dizzy! spinnin and spinnin like toast on rims!
    good effort though. Hope the kid grows up right. gotta a bright future ahead. Usher better guide him!

  • C I

    Idk about you Woske but this dude seems like he can handle his own. A lil spinning but I’m loving the kids swagga. [You know you big when you got Drake in ur video!]

  • mabuza

    hahahaha wow CI, you going to give props to Drake a newcomer that was just SITTING… a new comer that only has a buzz and not a single platinum record, and COMPLETELY ignore the fact that Ludacris was in there??? for real dude???

  • farai

    Well, his hair just ain’t right to me!

  • Annie

    heyyyyy!!! justin bieber!! i love you soo much and i like your music love me are you going monteal if you going there im going there with savaana you no savaana?