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Here it is…your girl Rihanna’s highly anticipated music video to her hit song, “Rude Boy”

My initial thoughts when I saw this video was my commitment to young women and girls out there….who listen to Rihanna’s music and follow her…that the messages of this song and video are so conflicting and confusing to young minds. While I appreciate the arts in all its forms, the sexual overtones of this video are too much to bear, even for my grown & sexy self! Do we have to always sing about sex? …I mean really!?!? *in my pseudo British accent*

Peep the video to see what I am talking about…

What else is new? *rolling my eyes* Next! Is it me or is it me? Let me know what y’all think! Leave your comments below!


farai – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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  • Bukky Are

    I just love the Fashion and Art Direction

  • splakaveli

    Erm i’m not complaining lol Rih bring the fire!!

  • Pepp

    loved d different feel, dont kno if i paid any attention to anything else but the annoying repetitive hook……only got a chance to enjoy the beat @ the end………Video was cool

  • Suzgo

    I get the comment about the video , but she is young we had salt and pepper – PUSH IT etc.. and its just expression i guess at the end of the day , very artistic and probably using her alter ego.. we all need one !

  • kudzi Zinzombe

    fun,artistic video with sordid message behind it, save it for the bedroom Ri Ri, she’s only 21

  • farai

    Kudzi, you captured my sentiments EXACTLY! I agree wholeheartedly that artist expression is solid. She does return to her Caribbean roots for sure but I am challenging the message of the song. I think that they are being lazy when songwriters focus on sex….I am come on! Challenge yourself artistically, lyrically & musically!

    As for Salt & Pepa, I interviewed them when they reunited in 2008 and Salt is in a very different place spiritually. I also saw them perform the song at the Return of the Legends concert in Detroit last year, and basically they said, the message behind PUSH IT, is to encourage people to PUSH for whatever they believe in. Incidently, P.U.S.H stands for Pray Until Something Happens – I can dig that!


  • Jemine

    I Love Rihanna!!!
    Thank God its bright funky, chic and colorful and not dark!
    And ps Her thighs are the best!!!!

  • http://www.concertnet scottie

    Love the video. Very artistic.Keep it up Riri!!!