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MAKING SERIOUS NOISE! The Fashion of Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes

By now, you should know that I totally celebrate African chics who are making it happen!

Well Shingai Shoniwa of the U.K. band The Noisettes is definitely one of them! And she is doing it uber fab!! Check out her fashion statements on the red carpet. What I heart about Ms. Shoniwa, much like her band, is that she marches to her own fashion beat!

Shingai was born to a Zimbabwean single mom who had emigrated from Zimbabwe back in the day when it was known as “Rhodesia”. Rolling Stone magazine said that “Shoniwa is a living, breathing manifestation of the rock & roll spirit, with a voice that is equal parts Iggy Pop and Billie Holiday.”

In her stage persona, Shoniwa looks like what the New Yorker called “an African supermodel“…her stage performance I hear and have yet to experience is something FIERCE! But of course….peep flicks of her uber fabness!

Gone girl!

You like? Let us know! Please leave your comments below!


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  • Saran K Jones

    she is fierce!

  • Gucci!

    I like, I like. She has this Janelle Monae thing going on with her hair, which I love….I only wish she’d avoid the styles that make it look unwashed! Gotta say, I absolutely LOVE to see Zimbos doing it big, and even MORESO when they’re patriotic!

  • Laura

    i LOVE… Proud of her..!

  • RandomnOne

    I love Shingai and her off the wall self! I live through her lol. Am I the only person who didnt know Jamelia was a Zimbo?

  • tinashe

    love love love shingai…
    she will be performing at the zimbabwe pearl ball in london on april 1st.
    soooo dope!

  • Allegro D

    she has her own style, it’s quite cool to see…

  • Shamisobux

    Why do you mention only her mother as Zimbabwean, Shingai  Shoniwa is a product of both male and female??? Her late dad was also ZIMBABWEAN and Shingai was born in Zimbabwe, came to UK when she was 11yrs old. So she IS a FULL blooded Zimbabwean. Typical of western people to want to claim all the talent as theirs. Google the name SHONIWA  the only place that name comes from is Zimbabwe (Southern Africa)