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“Who’s Your Daddy?” The President Zuma Saga Continues…with an Apology!

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This just makes my heart ache & my head throb!

Bless the hearts of one of South Africa’s premier news-outlets, Mail & Guardian for trying to figure out exactly just how many kiddies have been fathered by President Zuma…

Maybe y’all can figure it out! Holla if you do!

President Zuma giving away his daughter Gugulethu (her mom is Home Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma)

I have to say that we still should respect the office of the Presidency. It is a sacred institution and I think that once we, as Africans understand the value of the office & the long-term implications and impact of the person voted into that office, then we will be more thoughtful, more cautious, more selective and much wiser in who we choose to elect into that office. This is for all African countries!

Yes, absolutely, let the will of the people prevail but remember also that in a democracy the people get the government, in this case, the President they deserve! Just sayin’!

And with that said, here is the apology from President Zuma regarding the recent news pertaining to the birth of his daughter with Sonono Khoza…

I have over the past week taken time to consider and reflect on the issues relating to a relationship I had outside of wedlock.

The matter, though private, has been a subject of much public discussion and debate. It has put a lot of pressure on my family and my organisation, the African National Congress. I also acknowledge and understand the reaction of many South Africans.

I deeply regret the pain that I have caused to my family, the ANC, the Alliance and South Africans in general.

I reiterate that I took responsibility for my actions towards the family concerned and the child.

I reaffirm my commitment and that of my movement to the importance of the family as an institution. I also reaffirm my commitment and that of my movement to the values of personal responsibility, respect and dignity.

I recognise the responsibility of leaders to uphold and promote these values at all times.

Does President Zuma have to apologize for his personal life? If so, do you think that the statement was sincere? Heartfelt? Forgive & forget? What say you people? Please leave your comments below!


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  • mimiluv

    I see your point. I think human beings are quick to judge. In the context of human life and psyche Mr Zuma is a male ho, however does it take away anything from his ability to lead and get the job done. Yeah you could yap away and say as the president he should set an example but as a thinking adult do we really set out life standards by the way this man leads his life? Alot of politicians have had affairs some are good at hiding it. And its not just africans look at Bill Clinton (he was a damn good president) the john edwards etc. Personally i dont care what this old geezer does in his personal life i want a president who will take care of business in the office, unemployment, provide jobs, improve healthcare and education etc. Its just fodder for gossip the man never claimed i am the pope vote for me.