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*UPDATED* JUST IN: And the Winner of The 2010 M-NET Face of Africa is…

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Lukando Nalungwe

Lukundo is a 22-year-old student from Kabwe, Zambia.

The Top Five were

Ernania Manuel- Mozambique (Top3)

Rosanna Hall- Zimbabwe (Top3)

Thembi Kobeli- South Africa

Esperanca Vemba- Angola

& Lukando Nalungwe – Zambia (Winner),

Currently studying for a certificate in Business Administration, Lukundo is a movie aficionado who lists Van Helsing, The Matrix, Transformers, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and 300 as her favorite films. She says the best thing about Africa is its “beautiful historic places and wildlife” and names Paris as her favorite place outside of the continent for its “beautiful ambience, food and perfumes”. Her sisters played a big role in her life because of their strength. If she weren’t a model, Lukundo would love to be a photographer or an explorer.

Congratulations to Lukundo! So geeked to see Zambia repping on the world stage! Next stop for Lukundo is the 2010 Spring/Summer NYC Fashion Week next week!

So guys & dolls, based on the pictures above, do you think that the judges did a good job at picking the new Face of Africa? Sound off people! Please leave us your comments below….

Love to hear what you gotta say on this!


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  • zedcloud

    Well done young girl, you’ve done us proud!

  • mimiluv

    Oh god, i guess, but can they all go eat a Sammich or some fufu or sadza or something?

  • http://faras Dora

    Congratulations to all the Top 5 girls,Congratulations Lukundo, I was hopping Esperanca from Angola wins and Im so so happy to see her on top5,You go girl

  • kudzi Zinzombe

    wow ,go girl!off to NYC

  • ogo

    I never thot she was even in d race for d tittle, my bets were on roxana from zim,thembi from sa and blessing from nigeria

  • RandomnOne

    umm ok I guess. I see they r still paying people. Ok I take that back. Congrats girl hmm. At least Rosanna made top 5? Ok Farai this is a big ole….I guess! lol

  • alfredo vemba

    hei, Esperança i am very proud of you!!!!!!!! Young girl keep up.

  • animasaun abisola

    am really happy for her, its the beginning of greater things in her life. look at oluchi where she came from and what she has achieved with the help of God.oluchi has kept her head high and made nigeria and africa proud. i pray this new crown foa will do africa and zambia proud. modelling takes alot of hard work and rejection and i hope she is mentally, physically and emotionally ready. wish her all the best! its the beginning of a whole new life, congrats.about if ’em judges did a good job yes, she is truly the face of africa.

  • Patience

    Sorry Dora, Esperanca was not in the top five. It was Marvis from Nigeria. Congratulations to Lukundo. I liked Esperanca but she did not make it in top five

  • http://Yahoo Emmanuel Mwamba

    Thanks Lukundo for doing bringing us pride

    ZED has just won the Africa Cup in you.

  • http://Yahoo Emmanuel Mwamba

    Thanks Lukundo for doing bringing us pride

    ZED has just won the Africa Cup in you.


  • Wan

    Lukundo, You have made us proud girl. Wish you all the best till the very end. The judges did a tremendous job.Well done.

  • http://farai Dora

    Thanks patience for reminding me, just after the final, I logged to faraitoday,
    Each year face of africa mekes us proud.

  • grace

    The 10 girls did fine to get there, Im proud of Esperanza from Angola.
    May face of africa keep on with the good work.