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Beyonce Explains Grammy PDA for Hubby Jay Z

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Beyonce shocked millions of viewers when she publicly acknowledge her husband Jay Z during her acceptance speech at Sunday’s Grammys.  Bey explains to Access Hollywood…




They are married…is there really a need to explain why you thanked your husband or said you love him publicly?  I mean he is your husband…I’m just saying!  Here’s Bey’s acceptance speech in case you missed it.



So what do you think?  Does Beyonce and Jay take no PDA to another level?  Leave your comments.


Tangie – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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  • mimiluv

    yes they take it to another level, their marriage is starting to appear fake, kinda like beyonce herself, just saying

  • Tangie

    Thanks for the comment! I mean showing a little PDA for your spouse shouldn’t hurt :-).


  • Rosie

    I believe they take it to another level, I mean it’s okay to be a private person (I’m the same way). But it’s okay to acknowledge and express your love for your husband (that should be normal). When you have to say I don’t know why I did that or explain why you did it…It seems a bit weird.

  • Sian

    My husband and only attend family functions and a rare public event together. I am not affectionate, he is… There’s nothing fake about our relationship. We are simply comfortable in our own skin and with each other!