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THE YUMMY LIST: Fab Fellas At The 2010 GRAMMY’s Red Carpet

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This is quite an indulgence…but I love it! I purposefully did not put up pictures of guys on the red carpet at the recently held 2010 Grammy’s Awards in L.A. From the flicks below, they certainly deserved their own post! The fellas did great on the red carpet this year (though there were some hiccups here & there)!

Dolls, get your fans! It’s about to get HOT in here…& that’s all I’m going to say about that!

Whenever I see Jamie Foxx, I keep hearing “Do you want me to be your daddy? Can I be your daddy?”…weird, huh?

I mean, seriously, can it get any finer that this?

Uncle L!

Meet the parents! They are a cute couple

We are equal opportunity folks! Everybody deserves our love here…errybody!

‘fugee for life! I feel like sayin’ something in Creole just looking at him! Heart his relief efforts on Haiti!

Kendu Isaacs repping with MJB!

Doug E. Fresh. WHAT?!?!?

Akon low-keying it at the Grammy’s! I see you homie!

Thank you Lord, there was no “BIG@$$” chain this time…yet and still

Pleasure P & Bria Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s daughter)


Need I say more?!

So who was your YUMMIEST fella on the Red Carpet? Oh, don’t be shy! Please leave your comments below!

Muchas gracias amigos!

Photo: Getty Images / Zimbio

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  • kudzi Zinzombe

    Yummy yum yum, number 8 from the top with the grey suit and brown shirt is my favourite, nice one

  • Venicia

    Well, I love them all but I got to choose my favourite ones: Mary J Blige feat Kendu Issac, Jaimie Fox, Ne-yo, John Legend and Wyclef !!!

    The best of the best, do you wanna know??? It’s the queen of soul—) MARY J BLIGE !!!

  • Allegro D

    OMG!!! Trey Songz is just too gud to be true, i’m loving the transition. As for Usher…the older he gets the yummier he becomes love them :-))