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TRAILER: Tyler Perry’s New Movie: Why Did I Get Married Too? featuring Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba…

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Tyler Perry does it again this coming April…

(Why the ring/handcuff on the poster below? Marriage cannot be that bad….right?) I mean, some of my married folks tell me it’s work, no doubt but overall they love it & is great for them! Obviously this topic is subjective & marriage is not all peachy for most. Anyway’s, here is Tyler’s take on the matter. The trailer for the sequel to Why Did I Get Married? came out recently…

Peep the trailer below…

Why Did I Get Married Too, reunites the same charismatic cast and characters from the first installation of Tyler’s  hit comedy/drama, Why Did I Get Married. The sequel is the next chapter in the lives of eight college friends struggling with the challenges of marital life.

According to the plot summary, gathered together in the Bahamas for their annual one-week reunion, the FOUR close couples eagerly reconnect, sharing news about their lives and relationships. But their intimate week in paradise is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of [Jill Scott] Sheila’s ex-husband, [Richard T. Jones] Mike, who hopes to break up her new marriage with [Lanman Rucker] Troy and win her back.

The others soon realize they too are not immune to the challenges of commitment and fidelity. [Tasha Smith] Angela doesn’t believe her husband, [Michael Jai White] Marcus, can be faithful now that he’s a celebrity television newscaster. [Sharon Leal] Dianne and [Tyler Perry] Terry’s relationship is feeling the strain of raising children. And [Janet Jackson] Patricia, a successful self-help psychologist, must finally reveal the deep flaws in her seemingly perfect marriage to [Malik Yoba] Gavin. With their relationships hanging in the balance when they return home, each couple must choose between blame and forgiveness, doubt and faith, with life-altering consequences…

Ok, for those of you that ARE married…tell us why DID you get married? Please leave your comments below!

Heart ya for it!

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  • http://facebook Paulette Munn

    I got married 44years ago to a man whom I simply thought I could not live without and now 44years later…I am truly convinced…life would be very dull and sad without my beloved….I really wish I could instill this same love to the new couples getting married this year…..I wish the whole world knew my sweet husband.

  • Neoillmatic

    Tyler is not always setting out marriage to being a good thing but he always makes sure that you can work through all the problems you have in marriage.

    Thembeka Botha.SA

  • Wiliiamshayley

    when the 3rd movie coming out