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You Ready For Some 4Play? Check Out South Africa’s Sizzling Hot Drama About Love, Sex and Relationships!

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So the girls on the upcoming eTV drama series 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls, are looking for some love….and lots of it!

4 Play: Sex Tips For Girls will premiere on Tuesday, February 2nd on the South African TV network, eTV. This 13-part series is billed to cause a few blushes, much laughter, and some tears as it explores “the birds and the bees” with all its consequences. Viewers can expect heart-stopping truths about love, sex and relationships in the sizzling new local drama! Hallelujah!

According to Lynn Gaine, the show’s Executive Producer, “4 Play is deliciously sexy, frantically funny, and unbelievably real. It possesses that special wow factor that leaves you breathless, and gets you thinking at the same time. It’s the book of life for men and women that are old enough to know better, but young enough to take risks – all for love. South Africans have long been ready for a high-end glossy and sensual drama series, like 4 Play. It’s truly a stunner“.

Says the show’s Executive Producer, Harriet Gavshon of Curious Pictures, the production company producing the television show, “4Play deals with and celebrates women’s sexuality. It is sassy, sexy, glossy and funny. It will make you laugh as much as it will make you cry. We brought together an entire team of women writers and women directors – and then said: ‘Let’s have fun, let’s talk about ourselves, and let’s push the envelope.”

Check out flicks & additional profiles on the leading characters…

Amira Mokoena (played by my good friend Mbali Maphumulo)

Whimsical songwriter, Amira, lives in a fantasy world where Prince Charming is every guy she meets. A huge people person, 30-year-old Amira is loved by everyone, despite her fanciful notions and even her mother, who wishes her daughter would find a purpose in life, can’t stay mad at her for too long.

Seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses leaves Amira vulnerable to the cruelty of the men she quickly and frequently falls for. When her latest fairytale romance turns into her worst nightmare, will this princess be able to deal with reality and grow up?

Noma Mkhize (played by Portia Gumede)

Noma is a curvaceous 35-year-old hairstylist and the heart of the group. Sassy and a straight-talker, she regularly provides a shoulder to cry on for all of her clients and friends. Noma can always be counted on to give them her honest opinion about their endless relationship woes even if they don’t want to hear it.

Raising a teenage son on her own while running a business and being an amateur therapist leaves little time for romance for Noma, so she figures she doesn’t need it. But Cupid may have other plans in store for her. Will she run from it or embrace it with wild abandon?

Danny Gibson (played by Tiffany Jones)

Image consultant to the stars, Danny is an expert at turning plain Janes into devastating unattainable beauties and works the Jozi party circuit like a pro. A fun, fearless trendsetter, she’s also extraordinarily good at luring hunky men into her bed.

As a money-loving, business-savvy 32-year-old, Danny thinks relationships are a waste of time and she doesn’t want to be tied down.

Behind that seductive socialite facade, though, is a lonely woman with no real emotional connections. As the latest addition to the quartet, will Danny find that friendship and love can be as equally gratifying as hot, meaningless sex?

Nox Madondo (played by Kgomotso Christopher)

A handsome husband, two well-behaved children, a gorgeous home and a body to die for – Nox has it all. But why is she still so unhappy? Stylish, brainy and sexy, this 32-year-old revels in the luxuries of life and is rarely seen without makeup and designer clothing.
Money can’t buy everything, and certainly not a straying spouse’s fidelity, or the children’s love and definitely not happiness as Nox discovers over the course of the series. When a quest of self-discovery and appreciation beckons, will she go for it?

Mmmhhhh, y’all think Africa is ready to bring all this stuff to television? Sound off & leave your comments below…

Heart ya for it!

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  • Nokie Luposwa

    Made an intial judgement from the Title but after reading this . I think this will have great reviews as it will cover almost all aspects of every other girl’s love life! Will be worth watching as it there will be some lessons to be learned from each and every character and the reality of life. When I first saw those dancing poles, I was like ;”Wait a minute!” However, I think every viewer will learn somthing from 4Play. YES! Africa! It’s about time you excelled and show the world what we really are made of! Can’t wait to get a copy of this once it’s on DVD!!!!!
    Thanks Farai….. would love to hear the follow up on the ratings!

  • RandomnOne

    Oh yes I think Africa is ready! You make me want to board the next plane home tjo! People are doing big things and not holding back and I love it! Just wish I could be part of it *sigh*. Now…how can I watch this because I am sold.

    The Madondos seem to have made a mark in SA, unless there are non Shona Madondo’s?

  • varundbest

    I was browsing to get a bunch of music videos for my party and just found out this post. I must say that you have done a wonderful effort. Thanks mate.