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WATCH NOW: Behind the Scene Video to Drake’s Complex Cover Shoot!

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Your dude, Drizza…

covers the February/March issue of Complex Magazine & he had some of this to say…

As smooth as your entry to the rap world was, you only stumbled when people questioned your choices, like the video for “Best I Ever Had.”

Drake: You can do something you believe in and people will still say, “This [bleep] is terrible!” But I still believe in Kanye’s vision. Maybe we didn’t do a great job with getting the point across—it was supposed to be a humorous video. When I read the comments, I was like, Man, I guess no one wants to laugh anymore. Everybody wants the fairy tale, you know?

How’s the atmosphere at Young Money now that Wayne is about to go to jail?

Drake: We don’t really talk about it. It’s surreal to me still. I guess on the day that it really happens, I’ll start thinking about what I gotta do. I wanna have a talk with Wayne and ask him what he needs from me.

You and Wayne share an ability to cross over to diverse groups. What do you think it is that attracts polar-opposite groups to enjoy your music? Is it the Young Money affiliation alone?

Drake: I’m not talking about a thousand rounds in a chopper or payin’ 24, 23. It’s just delivery. One of my favorite rappers in the world, Jeezy, is somebody who loves my music. For him to not only co-sign what I’m doing but also to want to make music with me is crazy. Wayne had this conversation with me like, “You’re in a position where you could be a star. Not just a rapper star. A true star.” Me being biracial, me being from Canada but having success in the States, I have all these moments in my life where I’m jumping roof to roof. Black to white. Singing and rapping. My mom’s friends listen to my music and don’t feel weird about it. They feel weird listening to Wayne.

At the moment, you’re in Atlanta working on Thank Me Later, but mentioned you still need to get in the studio with Wayne.

Drake: Me and Wayne have done so much already, but if anybody has a repeat feature on this album, it’d probably be Wayne. We have a formula, a musical bond that works when we come together. I just wanna do it super-big—bigger than “Every Girl,” bigger than “Best I Ever Had.” I’d love to have a number-one record with Wayne. That’s the only record on the album that I think that way about.

Peep the behind-the-scenes footage of the photo-shoot!

You can read the entire interview with Drake at Complex.

Is he the best rapper you’ve ever heard? Sound off peeps! Leave your comments below!

Heart ya for it!

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  • Danny Hondo

    He is not the best Rapper i ever heard, that is an insult to Icons like Tupac and Biggy, those are the real big rap stars. This Drake guy is new and not that good. I think he is overrated…

  • farai

    Hi Danny,

    You are my kinda dude…especially on the Notorious B.I.G – lurve me some BIG! But Danny, you have to admit though that Drake is “pretty” nice on the mic (not the nicest. You are right that he is overrated and that is because of all the hype around him. Does not hurt being in the Young Money camp.

    When he drops his album we shall see…”if he is the best ever”

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Gugu

    Danny …. and Farai I really don’t see why people keep mentioning BIG and Tupac. Those dudes are gone. Gone. I love BIG and Pac, but this has nothing to do with them. This is about here and now. This dude is on fire! I would like to focus on him. Danny’s comparison and you co-signing it is totally unecessary. I don’t see anything in the article that says or suggests he is better than the greats. I think people have a phobia to saying any negetivity about BIG and PAC. Well not me. GUGU KEEPS IT REAL. Drake has some verses that can go toe to toe with any one of them…period. He is brand new and if he keeps going…well we will see.

    And lastly… Young Mulla! thats whats up. Personally I am indifferent to Drake in particular. I am just waiting on Nicki Minaj

  • nutraslim

    He looks so hot! :)
    I love the cover page.

  • Lillianjoseph smith

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  • Michel Joyson
  • Michel Joyson