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An African Love Story! Kimora, Djimon, & Baby Kenzo Cover EBONY

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If you have not gotten your Ebony Magazine yet…Kimora, hubby Djimon & baby Kenzo Lee are on the cover for the Feb issue.

Here are excerpts of Kimora and Djimon’s cover story in next month’s Ebony Magazine…

Djimon on Kimora:She turned around and said, ‘Hi, my name is Kimora Lee,’ and I said ‘Right, you don’t need to introduce yourself. I am quite aware of who you are.’…We were having a deep conversation about our families, about kids, about this and that…And then the eyes meet….and I realized, there’s so much more to her. I never thought she would be as grounded as she seemed that night…As I was giving her my number, I said, ‘Well, I hope you would enjoy the number for something other than your fashion shows or get-together’s or parties…First thing in the morning, I sent her a text. I wanted to catch her because she was to leave and go back to New York. I wanted to get, as we say, a good conversation in before she took off. I sent a text and said, ‘Hey, if you are up for dinner…’ And that’s how we started it.

I said to her, ‘You’re one very successful woman. You have it great. You have two kids. You are married to one of the most iconic men in the world (Kimora and Russell were separated before she and Djimon met). What else could you need? Or want?’

I was much more skeptical of where she was coming from than I was about what I had to offer. I realized that she was looking for a great foundation as far as relationships are concerned and that really hit me. No woman has ever made me feel the way she makes me feel. She makes me dream big.”


Kimora on Djimon:He’s just different. I can’t explain it. If you meet Djimon, to know his personality and his sentiment. (she sighs)

I don’t know. He’s just different spiritually. I just never would have thought a life could be possible like this. Me and Djimon can be in a room full of people or we can be in a room alone and we maintain a connection. I feel like he’s my long-lost friend. Something about him is really nourishing for my soul and makes me very happy. I don’t feel like I’m keeping up with any Joneses. I don’t feel like my hair or my clothes have to be a certain way. I don’t feel like I need anything. I feel like I’m more than a complete person, Djimon really completes me. I feel like my life has fallen into the right place in a great way. I’ve been very slow and deliberate, and I feel like it has paid off for me in ways that I could not have imagined.”

That’s African men for you…[smile] Happy for her!

Djimon on Russell Simmons:Russell was absolutely supportive of us. Most important was Russell’s concern about his kids and his ex-wife and their well-being. So when all appeared to be good, he came with absolutely open arms to me.”

Ok, I am really liking this Djimon! A man amongst men!

Today, everything’s copacetic with all parties involved. Kimora is building a bicoastal life with Djimon and her three children that actively involves Russell. He and his current girlfriend joined the family at their newly built home in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. Kimora says she and Russell will be friends forever…

Ok, so my contention is that most people [particulary in the U.S] do not recognize the marriage Kimora & Djimon had in Benin, Africa. He took Kimora to his village in Benin where in the company of about 200 members of Djimon’s family including the matriarch of his family, his eldest sister [Djimon’s parents are both deceased], and the girls, Ming Lee & Aoki Lee, they had a commitment ceremony. Don’t know if he paid lobola/roora/bride price for Kimora…but they had a traditional African wedding ceremony.

I mean marriage ceremonies in Africa are just as legit! And as far as Djimon, Kimora and the children are concerned, they are married!

So there! Leave your comments below dudes & dudettes!

Love ya for it!


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  • Suzgo

    Its always a good thing when people can be real and forget about all the hype that our lives have to offer.Its not the clothes the money the ‘THINGS’ that make a person a person . It is the spirit behind it all.

    So as an african woman i want to say to the happy couple. Congratulations, Makorokoto and Amphlope.

    Enjoy what life has to offer and stay happy

  • farai

    Hey Suzgo,

    True, True, True! I do hope that they both have found lasting love in each other!

    Gracias serorita!

  • Venicia

    Oh yessss, this is great news! Kimora and the (Beninese) actor, the handsome Djimmon Hounsou are rocking on the Ebony cover.

    Great article, Farai, loved it. I wish them all the best and may the almighty protect the lil one.