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South Africa’s version of Sex and the City: 4PLAY: SEX TIPS 4 GIRLS!

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I am super excited about this new show coming up on the South African TV Network, E TV in February 2010. Think “Sex and the City” but with African flavor!

4Play, Sex Tips for Girls is so NOT what you think! LOL! It is a new 26 part drama series, currently in production and extensive social research has been undergone to capture the honesty, comedy and serious risks real women in Africa experience in the pursuit of love and happiness…finally!!

My girlfriend, Mbali Maphumulo is one of the cast members!!! I am so geeked & happy for her! She is an amazing actress & singer. Mbali was most recently touring in the U.S with the hit musical stage-play, the LION KING. She is back home now doing bigger & better things…

With Mbali during one of her Lion King tour stops!

According to the production company, Curious Pictures, 4play: Sex Tips 4 Girls filming has commenced on Episode 1 of the 13 part drama series. The lovely leads include Portia Gumede as Noma; Kgomotso Christopher as Nox; my girl, Mbali Maphumulo as Amira, and Tiffany Jones as Danny.

  • Amira (Mbali Maphumulo) is an aspirant singer, although at her age it seems unlikely that she will be successful.
  • Noma (Portia Gumede) A single parent to a teenage son, is disillusioned about love.
  • Nox (Kgomotso Christopher) is unhappily married to a wealthy philanderer. With two young children, private school fees, a luxury vehicle and a mansion in Sandton, she feels trapped in her marriage – frightened to leave it but frightened to be in it too.
  • Danny (Tiffany Jones) (white female) is single and ambitious. She hides her loneliness behind work and clothes.

From left to right, the girls – Tiffany, Portia, Kgomotso & Mbali

The launch of the series will be broadcast on beginning in February 2010. The new drama, 4play is at times funny, always irreverent, intensely resonant, and more often than not, heart-stopping honest about sex love and relationships. Set in contemporary Johannesburg (known as Jozi) with its extreme contrasts between rich and poor, township and suburb, hope and cynicism. This is the world of Jozi ‘s thirty-somethings, no longer truly young but not entirely grown-up, focused on their careers but feverishly frequenting parties, clubs and bars in search of Mr or Mrs Right.

Focusing on the hair and beauty salon of single mother and entrepreneur, Noma, and her loquacious circle of girl friends – Nox, Danny and Amira each of which have their own unique approaches to love, sex and surviving in the city. We follow the girls on their individual journey’s in which they encounter the treacherous and sometimes extreme paths of relationships in South Africa today.

The series delivers candid sex tips for girls every week and will be a hot topic for men and women as no one’s dirty laundry will be off limits in this must see drama! [Bring it on, I say!! LOL!]

4play is commissioned by Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa (JHHESA) as an HIV/Aids prevention campaign with support from USAID. Curious Pictures continues a proud partnership with JHHESA after their successful collaboration on the award winning drama series, Tsha Tsha.

This looks like it is going to be a good series! Congrats Mbali [miss ya girl]…

Please leave your comments below on what you think of 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls! It’s gettin’ hot in here, so…[wink] Love ya for it!

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    Farai, I am ALSO very excited about this new series, and your friend is gorgeous! This series is so authentic and proudly South African, as this is how I have been living blissfully & safely (single with cats) for the past 16 years! I would not have it any other way. It is called “Deeltitel Dames” (Sectional Title Ladies) and I will not miss an episode! Can just imagine all the “dramatization” and “diva-isms”… Kisses from South Africa to u XXX

  • Darren Scott Monroe

    This is interesting just retweeted it really a great way to market that niche. The cool part is that it also gives people outside of Africa a different view of people beyond stereotypes. Cool tweet glad I saw it.

  • farai

    Hi Alwena!!

    Go girl for “living blissfully & safely (single with cats)” :-) 4Play looks like it is going to do well! And yes Mbali is beautiful as are South African women!!

    Let us know how you like the show when it airs on E TV!

    Thanks Alwean for your support of FaraiToday.Com…you are a great African!

    Love ya!

  • farai

    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, the goal is also to reach those outside of Africa and show them the “Africa they never show” in mainstream media!

    Twitter is also great to reaching folks with interest on Africa & all things African!

    Muchas gracias amigo!

  • Shona

    I’m so excited!!I sure hope there will be online videos posted or can even watch the show online..m hoping really hard they do!! Exciting stuff!!

  • farai

    Hi Shona,

    I am super excited too! So geeked that my girl is part of making history with this show! I will find out if they will be posting the show online…that would be so cool!

    Thanks doll!
    Love ya!

  • Miss K

    I definetly believe South Africa lacks origionality. first it was city sesla a.k.a “friends”, now it’s this “sex and the city” rip off. can somoeone please go back to the drawing room and re-do alles!
    what’s next? everybody hates Raymond (south african version : Everybody hates Sjava), the Simpsons (south african version: the Khubeka’s) etc…

    please challange out minds, even it’s just a little bit!



    Unfortunately I have only been able to watch the first episode of “4Play: Sex Tips For Girls” to date. I’ve read that the series is supposed to be mostly educative, and in my opinion all involved succeeded not only with latter but also managed to make it “fun”, informative and entertainig on top of it all.

    I have confused 4Play with “Deeltitel Dames”, latter being Afrikaans for “Sectional Title Ladies”. “Deeltitel Dames” is about 4 women living in a sectional title security complex like myself as I have mentioned before; all conversing in various of the 11 official South African languages. The series started a few weeks ago on Kyknet; the only Afrikaans channel on DsTV. I have also only managed to see one episode to date, but this is TRULY the South African (predominantly Afrikaans) version of New York’s “Sex in the City” single working girls. Said episode wat hilarious and very authentic. I could really relate to it!