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WATCH NOW: Vivica A. Fox tears up about Fifty Cent on the Mo’Nique Show!

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Not sure how I missed this one, but Vivica A. Fox was recently on the Mo’Nique show which airs nightly on BET. She talked about her past relationship with Curtis “Fifty Cent” Jackson…

She tears up saying, “…he came back to me as a man. And he said “I’m sorry”. And I forgave him. That was hard  to live through, you guys. I can’t even tell you how difficult… I was so glad I had a wonderful family, especially my daddy who said “Baby, he didn’t make you. He sure ain’t gonna break you”…

Yayee for Dads that are involved in their daughters, children’s lives! I tell ya, FATHER’s make a world of a difference [that’s whole blog post right there!]

Anyway, Viv talks about how she got the role for Fif’s music video for “Do You Think About Me?“…check out the interview below!

Aaahhh, a good cry does the heart & soul much good! Glad to see that Fif & Viv have reconciled and are on the mend…beefin’ just ain’t worth it!

Aren’t ya just loving Vivica’s honesty & allowing herself to be vulnerable…hurt is hurt! Let us know what you think! Pop your comments below….love ya for it!


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  • Suzgo

    That was a great show! Real! too bad we don’t get to see it in South Africa but that was really heartfelt and i liked it and like we say down here that was very AYOBA!